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Real Estate Transfers

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FOR WEEK ENDINO SATTODAY. - QUITCLAIM. Elijah Nelson to Hester A. Walker. - 80 acres in Salem for $1,200. Catherine Bross to Sophia Toggenburg. Land in Lodi for $100. Albert Basom to Chas. H. Merritt. - 40 acres in Augusta for $800. MosesC. Edwards to Harmon Allen. Land in Milan for $1. Diantha Greeu and Lucy Todd to Lfonard Green. Laud in Webster for f20. Andrew J. Leetch to Herman Drury. Land in Ypsilanti town for $200. Harmon Allen to David A. Woodard. Land in Milan for $72. Eleanor Inman to John Allen. Land in Ann Arbor for $225. Thos. C. Howard to Mary E. Kingsley and Suaai&E. Littlefield. Land in Augusta for $250. Wm. M. Gregory to L. B. Beese. 40 acres in York for $1. Morris Sage to Edwin E. Smitb. - Land in Bridgowater for $50. WARRANTY. Chas. T. Henion to John Sperry. i acres n Ann Arbor town for $455. Geo. P. Tindall to Vira. J. Clark.- Land in Ypsilanti city for $2,200. Jesse Hewens to Chas. H. Merritt. - 43 acres la Augusta for $2,100. Alfred Sanderson to Chas. Merritt. - Land in Augusta for $320. Lucia O. Phelps to R. J. M. King.- 80 acres in Ypsilanti town for $3,000. John D. Olcott to Jno. W. and Ella Olcott. Land in Augusta for $4,500. Jacob N.Reinold to Catherine Bross. Land in Lodi for $2,130.93. Lucy C. Burhans to Albert F. Vaunatta. 40 acres in Northfield for $2,500. Jno. A. Van Tuybe to Patrick Noon. 25 acres in Manchester for $1,250. Cornelius Gillispie to Henry T. Purfield. Land in Ann Arbor for $450. Win. H. Van Horn to Christian Sch wat. 212 acres in Bridgewater for $7,015. Lucinda Bentloy to David Bowinan. 20 acres in Superior for $800. Thos. L. Spafford to Edwin S. Jaynes. Village lot iu Manchester for $500. Geo. Clarken to Frank Kuck. Land in Ann Arbor city for $550. Ann M. Clark to Amanda T. Butts. - Land in Ann Arbor city for $500. John Armbruster to John M. Gould. Land in Ann Arbor city for $3,500. Alexander Prazer to Catharine Benedict. Land in Ann Arbor city for $1,600. EuphemiĆ¼ A. Lent to Franeis A. Young. 20 acres in York for $75 and subiect to mortgage.