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Poetry: The Moral Of War

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"It was n sununer oveuing, O!d Koepir's work was ; And hore bcforo hts collage door Was BUtiiig in ilie enii ; And by luni éporlêd on tlio green liis liltle grandcbild Wilhclmino. Sho eaw hor brolhor Peterkin Holl someiliing lnrgc nnd round, Which liobe)de ihe livuloi, In piaying thero liad lound, lic carne lo ask. whal ho had found, That was so larjje. and sinootlie, nnd round. Old Kapar look il from the boy, ■Vliostood expeclpnt by : And thon the old man sliook his hcad, And with a natural aigh, ' 'Tis ome poor foltow's oull," aid lic, "Who loll in the graat viciory." f I fmd them in iho garden, Fir thcro'a inany ihortubout ; And oltcn when I go 'o plough, The jiloiighshiio lurn iliom out ; Fi'rmnny thousnd men," aid hu, " Wero ilain in ihal gieat viciory." f Now toll U8 what 'twaii nll about," Young Puterkin ho cries : And liltlo VVühoriiiine lookod iip Willi won'ier-woiiing eycs ; ' Now teil us nll aboul tlio war, And whai thoy louglu cach oibor for." 41 It ws tho English," Kapnr cried, " Who pui the French to rout ; Jint wha they fought each othor for, I could not woll make out ; Uut evcry body aid," quoth he, That 'twiis a famous victory 1 " M My falhor livccl at Blonheim then ; Yon litilo atroam lmrd by : Thoy hnriit his dwolling to tho firound, And ho was forced to fly ; So wílh.hía wifu anl child ho flid, Nnr had ho wlioro to Inv his huad.44 With fi e nnd wotd the country round, Wns w.-iBtod inr oud wide, Añil innny a cliilding motlter then, And ncw born bndy died ; But tilinga likc thnt you know must bo Al cvery fainous viciory I 11 Gront prniso ihc Duko of M.irlbro won. And our goud TriiicD Eugenc." " Why 'iwn n vcry wickèd tliing 1" linie Wilholmino, i Nny - imy - my linie giri,' quoth lic, ' lt wns a tinmoiiB victory." "And ovcry body praieod t lic Duko, Wlio thiflgrcnt t-hL lid win," ' }ut whnt good como ot h at last ?" Qnoth litlie Poterkin, Wliy thni J cnniiot lell," pnid ho ; " But 'twoa n tiimous viciory."