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President Angell To The Syracuse Banquet

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Dear Sir: - I have received the courteous nvitation, which in behalf of tbe comunttee you have extended to me, to be present at the reoeption to be given in honor of your townsman, Hon. Andrew D. White. I greatly regret that my engagerueuts will deprive uie of the pleasure of accepting your invitation.- I shall be glad to testify to my personal gratificaron at the appointraent to one of our highest diplomatie poiitions of a man for whom I cherish 8uch affection and respect; but I should be glad to assure you, that we of Ihis Univorsity fully share, and think we havu a right to share in the cratifip.ntinn wifh ,v.i,.v. you oitizens ot' Syraouse rejoico at the honor which hii9 fallen upon President Wbite. For here he spent soine of the most fruitful years of bis lite, and the University remeinbers with gratitude today, that she ia now prosperous and useful because of bis faithful service here. His appointment is, howover, a cause of congratularon not to you and to us alone, but also to the whole country, since the nation will be so worthily represented by one of her most brilliiint scholars, whoso name and whose good works are alroady so favorably known in Kurope. Youra very respectfully, James B. Angell.


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