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- University nine were badly defeate.i by Hollinger's professional nine at Detroit, Saturday. 22 to 2. - Prof. Adams of the University, was tendered the Prcsidency of Cornell University, during President White's absence, but declined. -Prof. E. C. Franklin of the University was elected President of the State Homeopathie Society, at the convention held in Detroit this week. - Prof. Sawyer, gradúate of Harvard, and candidate for the chair of Modern Languages, made vacant by the resignatiou of Prof. Morris, has been in the city recently. - Prof. Hennequin has volunteered to give such as niay desire it instruotions in fenoing, and in the programmo for field day of commenoement day, soveral contests of this character are expected to take place. -The Chi Psi Fraternity will hold its annual convontion this year with the chapter here, Juno 25 and 20. Next May the Psi Upsilon Society, which held its convention this year at Yale, will hold its convention at Ana Arbor. - ïho Chronicle Association elocted the following editors for the ensuing semester : E. M. Brown, Schoolcraft, and J. S. Ambrose, Chicago, 111., secret society men, and A. W. Burnett, Tecumseh, and N. W. Haire, Loslie, independents. - Prof. Steero while E ist matured hih plans for his proposed trip to the mouth of the Ainazon duriiig tho summer vacation. The steamer Para, of tho Brazüian lino, will loavc New York July ó aud will oarry the scientiflo party from this University to the Isfand of Marazo, where the party will begin their scientiflc work. The island is said to be rich in mounds built by Indians. Prof. Stoere has previously visited the island, which he says to be very healthy. The trip will cost each student about f330. - The theory of evolution bas now become a fact. It has been shown within a few days that when the hea'l of a quail was placed upon the body of a purple finch a summor red bird would be evolved. The faets in the case are as follows : Several students in ornithology, growing somewhat weary one day. during the absence of their regular Prof. concludt'd to introduce a little variety into their work and test the knowledge of one of their number. Accordingly, having collected tho shattered remaius of various birds, they selcoted a quail's head and carefutly fastened it to the minute body of a purplo finoh. Thpy thun passed it over to one of the wise heads of the cIüss who gravely proceeded to the task of identifioation. He soon discovered that Jordan's Text Book was not extensive enough for this strange specimen, and therefore turned to the more copious works of Cow. s, Baird, Brewer and Ridgeway and to the illustrated work of Wilson. It is rumored that he even resorted tothelarge and finely illustrated works of Audubon in the library and then closely nxamined the mounted specimens in the upper rooms of the museum. Be that as it may, afteran exhaustivo search and close study this original investigator of nature finally took the bird to the instructor with the report that ono of two things was certain, viz: that, tho specimen under examination was either a summer red bird, or that it was ome new species whicli had been ovorlooked by scientitic men. Imagine the young inan's surprise when the Prof. quietly pulled off the birds head, and suggested to the student that some of tho boys had evidently been amusing themselves at his expense.


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