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John N. Gott

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IMPORTANT NOTiCE! SPECIAL SALE OF DRY m FÖE CASH yj , ASTOltlSHHTCLir Ï.ÖW PHÏÖB9 The Gfreatest Bargains ever offered in this city, 00 yards Cftotoe Tf"rss fïoods, nt (, 8 nn1 lOcenfs, trrlh doubU.' ü pieceB San ;iviar Fluid, n.3 Paèrac Mixtures, fit 20c, wurth 'j56. Beeuttfu] Lawus, at io, wonh 16& cuso Oreas Priut, ut Lc, worth 6e. case lïuiidsoiiie Vriuts, at t'c, worth 8c. 8 piuce Pliiin nitd l'Utul DrM Goods, at 10ct worth Í5í. 0 pifcoes llnndsuine Hluck (Jfislnuoros uil wool, Qt 50c, (5c, 75c, nnl $1 00. piecex Iiluck (ireimdincs, pure silk iind wool, ut 40c, 50c, 75c, und il. 01'. SILES ! SILKS ! SILKS X piecea Stripcd flummer Silks, ttt 50ff. 8 picces Slimmer Silkif extfn quality, at BOc, Sic, int 75c. tich line of rinln Bilkü mil Satina, Kt 7,ir, und SI .00. Lyon Itluck (int (Iruin Hilli.s, ut Cio, 75c, Bnd $1.00. We invite tUntion toont Aipürtcan iilm.k Oros Giafd Hilks, of exCromo rii-hiuwn, ut Sf, ti -K ! S .60 2'! inolH! iils, pronoitneed by everyone who bas Been them.thu bost over ofTered. Étctt Jmtá waríantcíi to tut. ' ' .jon Satin Finish Silks, 24 inche wlde, at Í2, S2.25, and Ï2.50. )o not purclmso n y:ird of 8ilk until you havo exarnined my rcmarkalilo naullUn and Low Trie. O.lbcnutiful White Bed Spreads, at tl, woxh 11.60. 50 of Uiem worth Í1.7S, at SI. 25. A perfect soa of bárralos. Special Bargains in Ladlea' Dndenrer, Chcmisuand 24,38 A 50e. OtWI Cover, Ni,'lit Hobcs and Skirts, SI o, 75c, 1, to $-'.50. 00 ltjirpdius on my ñc. tnnle. targfnsin Hosiery and Olovos. Bargains in Laces and White Goods. Earainsin Cornet, 38,5 JU. The Great Bonanza at OOTTS. ICverytWint Cheap. lady to irliom eer-ntfmy i afl object, wiH faü to taks advantage of the Eitraoidinary S.ilc. Grand Evening Salos hold Every Night till 8.30'o'clóck. Respectfully,


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