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The Democratie State Convention of Iowa assembled at Council Bluffs Wedriesday morning. Nearly all the counties in the State were represented with large delegations. H. H. Trimble au jorninated for Governor, Moses Bloom for Lieutenant Governor, lteuben E. Noble for Supreme Judge, and Irvin Baker for Superintendent of Public Instruction. The suit of BenJ. Hutton, formerly of the firm of Burkhaid & Hutton, New York, to recover duties paid Collector Schell under protest, resulted in a verdict for the plaintiff for $14,902. It is said the verdict will cause similar Ruits to be commenced against the Government, involvinjf several thousand dollars. Tho fishing schooncr Ida E. Baker, of Oloncester, Mass., has been lost with a crew of 12 men. A special from Venita, Indian Territory, says that two companies of the United Staten troops under Major J. A. Wilcox, fourth cavalry, are quartered there to prevent squatters entering the territory. Soldiers are constantly at the railroad depot, and all persons arriving with the intention of going on govemment lands are escorted out of the territory. Uenjamin Jenkins was killed, and Miss Jilhott and Wm. Jenkins, sister-in-law and nephew, probably fatally injured, at London, Out.. Wednesdsy, wliile driving, the horses I aviiig run away. A strike occurred Wednesday afternoon at Joseph H. Brown's iron works, South Chicago, which throws about GOO men out of employment, Originally 14 men in the butt department struck against a reduction of 8 per cent., their wages being from $1 50 to $3 per day. This caused a stoppage of all the píate men, and, as the other departmentfi, depend on the plate department. the whole nnmber will be out, f or the present at least. A lire Thursday n.;on in the ïlaven Printing Company's cstablishinent, Pinestreet, between Becona and Third,8t. Louis, damaged the concern about Í20.0C3. Miss 11. E. Buddington and Mr. L. W. Walker were marrïed by telegraph Thursday cvening, the bride and friends beine present in the telegraph office in Milwaukee, and the groom at Owatonna, Minn. The ceremony was performed by Bev. W. O. Walker, Monmonth, 111. The widow of Daniel P. Stone has giyen $25,000 to the Boston Young Men's Christian Association towards the erection of a new building. The will of Judge Packer, Pa., wan read Thursday. It bequeaths for the permanent endowment of the Lehigh University, of Bethlehem, $1,500,000; to St. Luke's Hospital, Bethlehem, $300,000; St, Mark's Episcopal Church, Mauch Chunk, $30,000. Several tequests are kept private for the present. Horace Watters & Sonn, dealers in pianos and organs, 40 East Fourteenth street, New York, have made an asBignment. Liabilities estimated at f 60,000, and total preferences in promissory notes f46,517. In the oommittee on commerce Friday Senator Chandler asked the Democrats whether the session would last much longer, because if it did he wanttd to have the Detroit bridge bill considered. The Democrats all agrecd that Congress would adjourn shortly, so that the bilí will not come up this session. Ex-United States District Attorney D. 1. Corbin, who is at Charleston, 8. C, as counsel in the railroad cases on trial before Chiet Jastice Waite, has been held to bail at the ïnstanco ol the attorney general of the State, in a civil suit pending against him for the recovery of &24,000. Capt. W. K. Hoel, of the United States beacon light stearaer Lilly, living near Waynes ■ ville, Ohio, suspecting his wife of improper relations with Dr. J. B. Hongh, his family physician, concealed himself in his house and Friday morning he surprised his wife and Dr. Hough, who were together in the parlor, and drawing a revolver fired at Hough, but without effect. He then began clubbing the doctor with the pistol, and while doing so it was discharged, the ball entering Hoei's heart, killing him instantly. Hough is senously mjured. The total loss by fire at Dallas, ürcgon, is estimated at two hundred thousand dollars. From midnight to noon Saturday the property being destroycd by the Brooklyn tire waa floating over the wharves into the river, until half or three quarters of a million dol lars vanished. The fire in Fowler, Crampton & Co's linsecd oil inills, extending from 55 to 63 Furman street, burned all night, and the owners estímate their loss at from two hundred and fifty to three hundred thousand dolWilliam Lloyd Garrison died at 11 o'clock Haturday night in New York city, aged 75 years. The Queen's birthday was celebrated on Saturdav at JSlontreal with military parades, festivitcs, speeches, etc. A fire broke out Monday evening in the storage warehouse corner Bridge and State streets, New York, leased by John 8. Richards and owned by J. Stewart. The building was almost entirely filled with cotton, and it is thought the lire may have been smouldering a considerable time before itwas observcd. Four workmen were on the top Hoor when the fire broke out, but succeeded in making their escape by sliding down a rope to the sidewalk. The buiding is said tobe worth $30,000, and iully insured. The amount of stock wbich it contained is valued at $300,000. While John King and Walter Swan were crosslng the Niágara Hiver, Monday, in a small boat, they were drawn into the eddy, the boat upset, and both were drowned. The suit of Maria G. L. Blair, formerly Mrs. General Granger, to have her marriage with Captain Thomas Blair annulled on account of his bigamy, has been decided in her favor by thn referee. A fire whieh, it is supposed, originated from spaiks ot a locomotive, Tnesday afternoon, destroyed abont twelve million feet of lumber lyin" on the line of the Canada Central railway, near Garitón Place, Ont. Loss, $130,000. The family of the late Wilham Lloyd Grrison yielded to the urgent solicittionof prominent gentlemen, who expressed the desire to honor the memery of the deceased by a publle funeral , and consented to hold the obsnnv,;n i.n hc First flhurch of Roxbury on Wednesoay. Kulogies were pronouncecr oyWendell Phillips, Kev. Samuel May, Lucy Stone and Theodore Weid. A the Cabinet meeting Tuesday the Attorney General gave an opinión in relation to the E:.ds jetties to the effect that Capt. Eads is entitkd to paymentof $500,000, claimed t be due under his contract, notwithstanding the slight filling up of the river above the jetties, and the Secretary of War has oriered that payment be made. The chief of the bureau of statistics, in his lOth monthly statement of the current fiscal year of imports and exports of the United State-, says that the excess of exports over imports of merchandise was, forthe 10 months endinp April 30, 1879, $241.443,624; dof or 1878, L227.032,087; for the 12 months ending April 30, 1879, $272,215,770; do for 1878 $221,680,031.


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