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A Cast Iron Tramp Law

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The Legislatura of Wisconson, at its 'late session, passed a cast-iron tramp law that will have a tendeney to disvides that any able-bodied male person, over sixteen years of age, who shall be without visible means of support, shall be regare1 ed as a vagrant, and if found in a town, city or village of which he is not an inhabitant, he shall be deemed a tramp. For this offense he may be arrested, and if convicted, may be senteuced to imprisonment at hard labor for six months in the coun tyjail, orfora period not exceeding thirtydays in solitary conflnement, hisdiet being restricted by law to bread and water. Municipal authorities are empowered to set the convicts at work repairing roads, or in making other public improvements, and if any tramp refuses to work, he shall be sent to the penitentiary for two years. Any tramp who is found on the premises of any citizen, without permission, or who kindies a flre on -any highway, or on the land of another without leave, or who frightens any person,or carries anv firearm or other dangerous weapon, sliall, upon sent to tlie peniteniary f or two years. All peace officers of the State are empowered, aud it is made their duty, to arrest individual tramps and to lodge complaints against tliem. Any five or more tramps who shall congrégate together for the purpose of encouraging vagabondage, shall, upon conviction, be sent to the psnitentiary for two years each In the face of this Draconian law it will require a bold heart to become a tramp in the land of Badgers.


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