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1. Chilil two f taxa old luis an attaek i' croup at night. Doctoral adistance. Vliat ia to be done Y The cliild should l)e immediately unressed and put in a warm bath. Then ive an emetic composed of one part of ntimony wine to two of ipieac. The ose is a teaspoonful. If the antimony s nothandy givewann water, mustard nd water, or any other simple emetic; ry tlie child and wrap it carefully in warm blanket. 2. Some one's nose bleeds and the jlood cannot bo stopped. Take a plug of lint, motsten, dip in qual parts of powdered alum and urn arabic, and inscrt in tlie noae. lathe the forehead in eoW water. 3. A young lady sits in a draught nd comes home with a bad sore aroat Wrap flannel around the throat,keepng out of draughts and sudden hanges of almosphere, and every half ïour take a pinch of chloride of potash, place it on the tongue and allow it to issolve in the mouth. 4. A child f al Is backward into a tub of water and is much scalded. Carefully undress the child, lay it on a bed, on its breast if the back is calded ; be suro all draughts are exluded; thendust over the parts scalded with bi-carbonate of soda ; lay musin over it ; then make a tent by placing wo boxes with a board over them in he bed, to prevent the covering from pressing on the scald: cover up warmly. 5. A child has a bad earaeho. Dip a plug of cotton wool in olive oil, warm it and place il in the ear. Wrap up tho head and keep it out of draughts. ,m_


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