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Sand In Sugar

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I dou't mean the coloree! sugar used to ornament cookery, but a mineral deposit that exists in all maple sap that runs from trees that grow on hard water soil, that is, clay or limestone. It is said that it was uncommonly troublesome Ihis spring. It is not perceptible in the sap, scarcely so in the syrup. The syrup must be well settled, for no straining will take it out. Tlien the sap is boiled down and syruped off quick, then the sand will be white. If the sap stands in the pan over night the sand is dark. If there is mucli sand in the syrup when it is sugared off, it will cause the sugar to burn and make it dark. To get rid of the susrar sand is almost an hisurmountable difflculty, yetit can be overeĆ³me, but with sugar at the present prices it is hardly worth the trouble.


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