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Breathing And Thinking

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Let any reader think for a moment of what he experiences when he breatha, and attends to the act. 1 1 e finds that bis whole frame heaves and subsides at the time ; face, cliest, stomacb and limbs are all actuated tby bis resyiration. Now let him feel bis thougbts, and lie will see that they, too, beave witJi the mass. When he entertains a long thought, he draws a long breath ; when he thinks quickly, his breath alternates with rapid alternations ; wben the tempest of anger shakes his mind, bis breath is trein ulous ; when his soul is deep and tranquil, so is bis respiration ; when success inllates him, bis lungs are as timid as bis conceits. Let him make trial of tb e contrary; let him endeavor to think in long stretcbes at the same time he breathes in tits, and he will flnd it impossible; that in tbis case the chopping lungs will needs minee bis


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