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- lüo best medicine tor a sick man is to back liim up against a mulé. That animal will heel him. -A fermer was killed by hig liired man and the coroner's verdict was, "Death by lus own Land." -"The Devil, Hs size, AVoight and Color," was the title of a leoture delivered last woek in the Müthodist Mission Hall, Darlington, Pa. -The trnffic in rgg-s in (Ing country s wtimated to equal f200,000,000 per annurn; 6,000,000 dozen are exported frora the country every year. - An exchangc inqmrcn, " Does haflghg prov,.nt murder?1; Itoertainly does. Who ever heard of a man committing morder aftor be was hanged ? -President Hayea lias laid before tbe House of Eepresèntatives the prooeedinga and rpport of the board of officers in tbo Pitz John Porter case. - There aro lots of men in this world who wouM feel worso to be too late for a flog-iight tban to bo told that doath had carried away anothor half-dozen of tbeir relativas. -The ürooklyn Tabernacle mortgaged its big organ for $,500 to pay Ta-Images Earopean trip expenses ; and Corwin, one of Talmago' witnewes, is to bo tried for perjury. -We aro requestod by the publishers of Mr. Benson's "Fiftoen Yoars in Heil" t "roari anA cive the book a good noHbe." Kot tbis weather if the court knows itself, and it thinks it does.- Bangor Commercial, -No Weattrn meïohant can go to Chicago to boy goods, loaving hia wife ftt home with toothaehe, with any certainty that she won't íirrivf! in the big Oity l,y the naxt train. ïhis keeps the prioe of goods way up. -John B. Gough got hia start, in life by first being a druokard. If he hart krpt sober and attt-ndod to his business, ho tuight have been a vuriely comio singer all his life, getting 5 per Riekt,


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