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June Meeting Of The State Pomological Society

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The tenth annual meeting of the State Pomological Society will occur at Muskegon, in acceptance of an invitation from the people of that city. The opening session will be on Tuesday evening, June 17, commencing at 1)4. o'clock, and the society will continue in session until the following ïhursday noon. The following embraces nearly a complete list of topics for discussion: 1. What is the ideal market strawberry and what varieties approximate to it? 2. What is the ideal family strwberry, and what sorts come nearest to it? 3. Color as indicativo of quality in fruit. 4. Mutual influence of stock and graft. 5. Mulching and cultivating strawberries. 6. Economical irrigation of strawberries. 7. Practical hints in lawn-raakine. 8. Ilabits of observation a practical assistance te the f ruit-grower. 9. Suggestions for tlie autumn fairs, in the selection, preparation, and shipment of fruit. 10. Strawberries out of season, or how can we have strawberries the year round? 11. New facts about marketing berries and cherries. 12. How to use flowers in the home, the church, and the school-room. 18. The position of the Baldwin apple in Michigan. 14. Testing varieties: who shoulcl do it, and who can afford to dQ it. 15. The danger of over production in small fruits. 16. Mutual relations of nursery-men and fruit growers. It is quite important that we have a complete report from each locality concerning fruit prospects, and that as many counties be represented as possible by specimens of the early fruits. The revisión of the fruit catalogue will take a prominent place in the programme of exercises, and as this catalogue is in the hands of thousanda of Michigan fruit-men, it is desirable that it receive careful attention and criticism, that it may be perfected for all localities. Local horticultural societiesare inyited to sencl delegates, and a general invitation isextanded to all friends of horticulture to be with us at our strawberry meeting. Remember the date, June 17, 18, 19, at Muskegon.


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