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The State Board of Agriculture held an important meeting at the Agricultural College June 4, at which all the members wére present except Governor Croswell. For a summary of their proceedings we are indebted to the Lansing Repvblican: The interval since the last meeting of the board had been fuily six months, and there was before them an immense amount of important business. It will be remembered that the Legislatura failed to make ad the appropriations necessary for the maintenance of the college, and also reduced the estimates on some important improvements that were needed. To meet these deficiencies, a reduction beeame necessary in the running expenses of the college. It was decided that, since the estimates for current expenses had been reduced $1,300 each year by the Legislature, $1,000 of which was taken from the estimates for salaries, this reduction should be met by reducing all salaries of professors whoreceive $2,000 to $1,S00 and of Ihose who receive $1,500 to $1,400. The salaries to remain unchanged are those of the president, $3,000, and the secretary, $1,250. It was also decided to allow PresiAbbot a vacation of six weeks for rest and recreation during the present term. Authority was given the building committee to have plans and speciücations preparad for a new dwellinghouse, also for a building for a botanical laboratory. The cost of constructing these buildings must not be in excess of the amount appropriated. It was also decided to at once construct the propagating pits and rooms at the greenhouse, and the wood-houses at the secretary's and Prof. Ingersoll's residences, at a cost not to exceed $100 each. It was voted to purchase such small ïmplements as am uccua - u- - _ and garden, and in the carpenter's shop ; to construct a sewer south of the river for the drainage of fields No. 12, 13, and 14, the cost of which must not exceed $500 ; to erect a windmill and construct a drive-well near the line of the C. & N. E. railroad in field No. 12 ; to construct a pórtico over the east door of the dining-room ; to expend $15 for cute to illustrate Prof. Cook's article in the next agricultural report. It w as decided to expend a sum not to exceed $510 in the purchase of philosophical and surveying instruments ; also, to erect furnaces in the of Prof. lieal and Secretary Baird, with the money appropriated for that purpose by the Legislature. It was decided to parchase a horse for the use of the garden department, and also to make some changes in the farm for that purpose. It was decided to accept the advice of Adam Oliver, the landscape gardener employed by the college, as to the location of the botanical laboratory, and also in regard to the removal of certain trees from the cherry orchard. It being reported to the State Board that a telegraph line would be extended to the college by way of the C. & N. E. railroad and the western boundary line of the farm, provided they would grart permission for the construction of the line and aid it to the extent of $12, the board gave permission and directed the secretary to expend the amount required. To meet the resolution of the State Agricultural Society, which determined to hold one or two meetings at the college, at a time convenient to the college authorities, the board decided that their next meeting should be called Tuesday, June 24, at 8 o'clock p. m., and that the State Agricultural Society be invited to meet them at the college on Wednesday, June 25. In accordance with the law of the State, the board reorganized and elected the f ollowing officers : President- II. G. Wells, Kalamazoo. Vice president- J. W. Childs, TpsiUmli. Treasurer-.toiyáifmm. The following committees were iippointed for the ensuing year : Einance- F. Wells, G. W. Phillips. Farm- G. W. Phillips, M. J. Gard. Garden- H. G. Reynolds, H. G. Wells. Employés- M. J. Gard, H. G. Keynold. Institutes- J. W. Childs, G. W. Phillips. - -


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