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- Mrg. B. P. Watts is visiting a sister ia Flint. - Dr. Herdman departs for Arizona this week.- Dr. Dunster will spend vacation at Attleboro Falla, Mass. - G. T. Jenliin9 of Flint is in town, guest of B. F. Watts. - Godfrey Wagner of Chicago is in town visiting bis parents. - Messrs. Goo. C. Page of Dexter and D. W. Palmer of Bridgewater, were in town Monday. - Mrs. Mary Coclirane, widow of the late Judge Cochrano of Detroit is a guest of Mrs. N.H. Drake. - Mr. and Mrs. Prof. Franklin are sojourniiig a few weeks at their formur residenoe, St. Louis, Mo. - The aooomplished Miss Nellie Seywert of Cleveland, is enjoying tha hospitality of Miss Mollie Muehlig. - Itev. Dr, S. S. Harris, bishop elect of the diocese of Michigan, is chaplain on the staff of Gen. Phil. Sheridan. - Mr. Augustus Hage of Bay City has been enjoying a few days in the city the past weck, the guest of Mrs. C. Muehlig. - Miss Anna Nichols daughter of Prof. Niohols left yesterday for Europe and will sail in the Werder steaniship. - Harry Crane of Ann Arbor, has been speuding the National holida'y with friendsin this city. - Ilülsdale Síuhdard. iljsses Daisoy Angelí and Carrie Freeze of Ann Arbor, are visiting Mrs. Wm. Waldron in this city. - Ilillsdale iitandard. - Kenneth E. Snioot, of the graduating class, has accepted a position as teacher in the schools at Delphi, lnd.; salary, $730. - Prof. Palmer and wife, Mrs. Dr. Maclean and child and Prof. E. L. Walter sailed for Europo on the 3d inst. by the Cuuard steainer Gallia. - Mr. Eschenburg, of the ürm of Eschenberg, Butz and Prussing of Chicago, attorneys, is, with his wife the guests of Mr. Munson of this city. -Messrs. Z. Koath, C. E. ïïiscock, W. L. Pack, and D. Mclntyre of Cadillac spent the Fourth observing the beauties of Cleveland, her fair daughters, and none the less, her Euclid Avenue and the long bridge. - Franz Coe, of the graduating class, has accopted a position as principal of the schools at Phcenix, in the Northern Península, at a salary of $850. Miss Marión Gerls, of the same class, will be preceptress of the Pontiac school. - Harry Ashley was among the graduates at the Ann Arbor Coinmencement. He has held the position of President of the class, and by his genial and courteous bearing won a very high place in the affections of all. Ho has been a careful and conscientious worker and is destined to take a foremost place in public affairs." - Tuledo Sunday Journal. - In a lengthy review of the organization of the Republican party at Jacksou, July 6, 1854, by the Detroit Post and Tribune, we observe the following names S. B. McCracken, II. Hewitt, S. D. Noble. V. Chapín, V. Tyler, L. Goodrich, H. Vad Cleve, J. Geddes, E. Mann, A. G. Hall; And these from Ypsilanti : L. A. Crane, G. P. Sanford, Samuel Post, Enoch Yost, W. Lee Yost, J. Estabrook, D. Showeruian. Emanuel Mann of this city was one of the vice presideuts. - Mrs. Alioe K. Cobb, widow of the late D. J. Cobb, and daughter of Alexander Kerr of Lodi, is about to depart for the Argentino Itepublic, South America, whither she goea as missionary teacher under the patronage of the M. E. church. Mrs. Cobb has had muoh experience as a teacher in ome of the best schools of the state, and was formerly ccnnected with the Owosso high school. She leaves New York in coinpany with the scientitic exploring party of Prof. J. B. Steere of the University, and will leave theru at the mouth of the Amazon, and maku her way down the coast of South America to Buenos Ayres, and from thence to the interior of the republic - the entire distance of her trip from Ann Arbor, being over 9,000 miles.


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