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It b reported that the Hedemptorist fathers are about to erect a Catholic ohurch at or near the Qraud Trunk Junction; also a large building for educational purposea. Madame Anderaon, the predestrienne who has undertaken to walk 2,028 quarter milea in 2,028 quarter hours, had oompleted her 89lth uarter at 3:50 Thureday morning. The total disbursement from the city treasnry during July were 1181,428, leaving in the treasury August 1, the sum of $567,141. During July the flre department turned out iu responne to 15 alarma, of which nine were cauRed by actual tire. The losses entailed mounted in the aggregate to only $917- the Bmallest loss in a singU -nonth in 12 years. MoBes Stone, an ex-convict, created quite a Bensation ThurBday afternoon by grabbing a hamifulof bil) in aGrinwold street bank and firing a revolver at his pnrsvera as he ran through the streets. He was finally captured ■nd the money recovered. There were 432 inmates In the House of Coiv rectiun August 1. A lad named Louis Eaxt v accidentally caught in the bclting at Frost's wooden ware works l'riday morning and itiBtantly killed. Diiring July there were 265 deaths in the city, of which 172 were children. Seventeen were still-born, cholera infanturn carried off fifty-two, and summer complaint twentyeight. Thcre are only 194 inmates of the county poorhouse, the smallest number in five years. The annual convention of the Catholic total abstinenoe union of America will open in this oity on VVednesday, September 17. James W. Walsh, a letter carrier.was arreated Saturday, charged with appropriating a $25 registered letter and forging a reoeipt for it from A. Williams & Co., to whom it was addressed. The ninth annual reunión of the Twentyfonrth Michigan infantry will take place at Sugar Islaud on the 12th. Eer. Dr. Harris, the new bishop of this diocea, will be consecrated at St. Paul's chu rch, in this city, on the 17th of September. Bishop Wilmer of Alabama will preside, assisted by Bishop Gillespie, of Western Michigan, and Bishop McLaren, of Illinois. The sermón will be preached by Bishop Williams, of Connecticut. Burglars entercd the store of Behr & Kotherberg on Gratiot avenue Sunday morning, blew open the safe and Btole f1295. Col. J. H. McLaughlin, who ha been dangerously ill since his return from hls Eastern wrestling tour, is convalescent. C'apt. Greenbury Hodge, one of the representative colored men of Detroit, died at his home in Waterfall alley, of consumption, ear ly Monday morning, aged about 65 years. Next weck there will be a wrestling touruament at the Coliseum between Thiebaud Bauer, the genuine Andre Christol, Clarence Whistler, the "Origon giant," and Thomas Murphy.J


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