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The following brief compilation of business law is worth a eareful preservation as it contains the essence oí' a arge atnount of legal verbiage :- Contracts made on Sunday cannot be enïorced. A note by a minor is void. A contract made with a minor is ilso void. A contract made with a lunatic is voia. A note obtained by f raud, or f rom a )erson in a state of intoxication cannot )e collected. Each individual in partnership is responsible f or the whole amount of debts of the firm. Ignorance of the law excuses no one. It is f raud to conceal fraud. The law compels do one to do impossibilities. An agreement without consideration s void. Signatures made with a lead pencil are good in law. A receipt for money is not always conelusive. The act of one partner binds all ;he rest. If you are affronted, it is better to ass it by in süence, or with a jest, hough vitll some dishonor, thau to endeavor reveiige. If you eau keep reasou above pasaion, that, aud watchuluess, will be your best Uefeudunt. -


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