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- There is no abateuient of yellow 'ever at Metuphis. - General Sberman advises a formal bandonment of Port Mackinaw. - The proposal to soale down the debt f Tennessee bas been rejeoted by a maority of 15,000. - The southern exodus goes on unhecked. Thousands of destitute negroes ro prowling over Kansas without aid s the relief society is out of funds. - Win. H. Vanderbilt has given for a gymnasium and the erection of a civil ngineering and scientific hall on the grounds of Vanderbilt (Nashville) university, the handsome sum of $10.0,000. - Ohio produced 39,000 tons of butter nd oheeso in 1877, more than one-half f tho amount being furnished by tho Vostern Reserve and three or four counies immodiately adjoiuing it in northastern Ohio. - Kansas is more than twice as large 8 Ohio, and if as densely populated would have 7,000,000 inhabitants. Postmaster General Tynor thinks that the tate will eventually have 500,000 negro nhabitants, and that they will find ileuty to do and make a good living. - On tbe 3d of July a business house n Boston advertised for an assistaut jookkeeper. The morning mail on the th brought 347 answers. A firin in Denver, Col., advertised for a young man to help about the warehouse and uiake collections. It received over 50 ephes. Shortly after it advertised for good turner. To this not an nswer was returned. Teachers vs. Kitchen Girls. - The terling (111.) Gazette compares the wages f teachers and kitchen girls after this ashion. "The kitchen girl can save nore than the teacher. Lady teachers n Sterling receive on an avorago of bout $-10 per month, which for nine inonths amounts to fJ60. Fifty-two weeks' board at $4 50, $23-1; forty weeks' washing at $1, $40; clothes, $100; iucieDtal expenses, $20; total, .f394; salary, 360; loss, $34. Kitchen girls, fifty-two weeks $2, $104; board, nothing; clothes, !ΓΌ0; incidental expenses, $20; balance, 144. The above figures will show a baluce in favor of the kitchen girl of $78 )er annum."


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