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- Dcxtei's hand is without a leader. - Prauk H. Evarts bas leased the i)ex ter milis. - George Jackson of Ypsilanti has returned frora thellosobud Ageney. - An Ypsilanti picked nine scored 1 to the Ctiss base ball club of Detroit 27. - The funeral of Mrs. Eliza Prescott, an old resident of Chelsea, took place Tuesday. - Messrs. E. Queal, J. O. Hoyt and C. S. üregory of Dexter are at Petoskey, rustica tin g. - Artbur Case of Muncbeator is on a two nionths reoreatiou trip in lake Superior región. 1 - The contemplated opera house in Ypsilanti has boon engaged foroneevening in January. - John Miirtin has returnei to Ypsilanti iïoui Clöveland where he had oue of big legs smashed. - Cornwell Fire Company of Ypsilanti will attend the Fireinens' Tournamen fc at Battle Creek. - Mrs. Lorenzo Poster of Salem eloped vvith Joseph Jordán, Sr , on the 2d inst., leaving four chilJren. - The Sous of Tempera nee of Ypsllanti have morged themselves into the Good Templars and Eed Eibbon Club. - A large gnthering met in the grove of Supervisor Eoso of Sharon, yesterday, to indulge in the aunual tovvn picnic. - Tetnperance meetings were held in ■fcLa.nL.?LXDOro Sunday. At the last the pledge. - - The farmers of Bridgewater will have their annual harvest picnio in J. Short's grove, on Saturday, Aug. 23, at 10 o'clock A. M. - Mrs. Mary Collins, wife of the late M. F. Collins of Pittsfield, died Monday, aged 78 years. She has resided in Pittsfield for thirty-two years; - On Wednesday next the Germán Lutheran church of Manchester will hold a picnio in Heimindinger'g grove, three miles west of that village. -Mr. Alva Freer of Chelsea threshed 895 bushels of wheat from 30 acres, a yield of 29 5-6 bushels per aore. From 12 acres surnmer fallow 40 bushels per acre. - Henry R. Palmer will sell at public auction, on the farm of D. W. Palmer, near Bridgewater Town Hall, on Monday, Aug. 18, a quantity of farm implements and stock, including some valuable horses, Durham cattle, Spanish merino bucks, and other choice animáis. - A grand temperance mass meeting and basket picnic will be held at Whitniore Lake Aug. 23, in the grove, commencing at 10 o'clock A. M. E. E. Frazer, R. B. Pope, J. C. Higgins, E. P. Allen, and J. Webster Childs will address the people on that day. All friends of temperance are invited. - To raise means with which to enclose their church with proper fencing, the Catholic people of Northfield gave a picnic in "Widenmann's grove at Whitmore Lake on Thursday of last week. The ladies of the society furnished and spread the eatables. A large attendance brought over $300 into the treasury. - The buildings at Stony Creek in Augusta township.owned by Mrs. Smith and occupied by Dr. Douglas and Mr. Vandeweker as general stores, were destroyed by fire Wednesday night of last week. No insurance on buildings or Vandeweker's goods, which were, however, mostly saved. Douglas had $1,000 upon his stock, which will cover the loss Thö postoffice is about six miles eouth of Ypsilanti. - The following new officers of Ypsilanti lodge of Good Templara were installed on Monday nigbt of last week : W. C. T., Ualeb 8. Pitkin. W. V. T., Miss Louiso Rowley. W. 8., John E. Putney. W. F. S., Harry H. Walkington. W. T., Miss Mary Leggett. W. M., Wm. McAndre w, Jr. W. I. G., Win. Mosher. W. O. G. Wiliiam McAndrew. W. C, P. S. Morrison. W. A. 8., Miss Ida Jackson. W. D. M., Miss Nellie King. W. R. H. S., Mrs. S. Pitkin. W. L. H. S., Miss Èffie Pullen. - The faculty of Ypsilanti city schools for the coming year is as follows : R. W. Putnam, Superintendent; Hubert W. Brown, Principal ; Miss Fannie EGray, Preceptress. Central building - Misses Ida M. Littlefield, Carrie L. Towiier, Mrs. Kittie A. Gilbert, Clara Dole, Fannie Bogardus, Einilie C. Hall, Ella Joslin, Einma Barr, Mrs. E. B. Dunham. First ward - Mrs. S. Lockwood. Fourth ward - Mrs. Ellen J. Whitman, Miss Susie Gordon. Fifth ward - D. W. C. Matthews, Misses Jennie Fullerton, Mary E. Carpenter, Hattie O. Hoffinan. Notes fboü Justices' Courts. - Frank Parker of Northfield, was fined $8 on Saturday for au assault on lleury Diamond. - John Taylor, Freemau Hilane and Hiram Kinney, trampa, were sent on Monday by Justico (Jlark to the Detroit House of correotion sixty-five days. - A trial by jury before Justico Frneauff, resulted in the discharge of Fred Webber, charged with shortening the natural length of a boviuo's fly protector. - August Dupeslop and John Webber of this city, for assaulting policeman Am8den who was driving their cowa to the pound one day last week, were arraigned before Justice Granger on Monday and settled the matter by the payment of $8, city attorney Sessions agreeing to the adjustuient. Thepartiea will use the streets no more for pasturage. - Michael Daley and Wm, Johnson aud a boy of thirteen, trampa, were brought before Justice Granger on thursday, and on the next day plead guilty to vagraney. An investigation brought out the fact that their case is ohronic, Daley havingbeen before in the city. Unable to give bands in $100 for future good behavior, they were sent to the reformatory at lonia for 9o days each. The boy exciting syuipathy o oomplainant, D ivid Hiscook, was to be indentured to him, but awing to absonoe of Probate Judge Harritnan proeeedings in that diroction could not be oarriec out. Ho waa taken to Mr. H's. house to be brought up as good boys are, aud ia hiu absence skippod out.


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