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- ui insn iiiiiiiiie is cbruateufd. - Wheat erop in Ontario is a failure. - W. W. Kewie, ataistttnt cashier erf a. Chioagu banh is a ij 13.3,000 defaultor. - Speculation did it. - The_i:rrditors of tho Rev. Ai5irondack Murniy tiuve puhod biui iutu ïuvoluntitry bmikruptcy. - For receiving interest on raoney stafo treasurur Reuiroe ot üuorgia is liablo to bo impeucbed. - Eastern capitalists aio said to have bought the Mammotb Gave last Huturday tbr $200,000. A branch road will be built and the property iioproved. - Mr. John I!. Bukur.H Boston harïïtiss manufacture)-, lutuly prwsonted liireu ot bis employees wuo baya buen with liim for 40 years vvitli a Uuited Htiites bond f500 Oiich. - Tho roligioua porlion of wickjed Chicago aro aetoDished at thu oonvursipn of a young Juw who renounces timreby a prospectivo fortuno, and wbo d(j.igns entering upon the uongregatioiial ministiy. - Frederiok Donglass read a paper at the social soienco coiivoution at iSaratoga on the negro exodus of the liult States. He regards it as ill-tinied, a disappointment, a iailuro, and, holds the South to be tho best market ior the black nian'a labor.


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