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The M. E. Conference

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Tho M. E. Conference) which bogan Lts annual session in tlris city on Wednesday of last week, carne to a close on Monday. Uur columns do not permit of so extended a report as wo would like to give. Below will bo found appointments of this the Adrián district and a few others located within the county and noar by : W. II. SlllER, P. E., Adrián. Adrián, W. H. Peareo. Tecumseh, A. J. Bigelow. Clinton and Macon, Josae Kilpatrick. Manchester, J. A. Mcllwain. Napoleon and Brooklyn, J. 8. Priestley. Sharon, Duke Whatoly. Deerfield and Petersburg, E. Dawo. Lambertville, M. J. Scott. Blissfield, E. W. Frazer. Palmyra, Geo. Tnylor. Morenoi, Jacob Horton. Hudson, J. C. Wortley. Franklin, E. P. Pierce. Kidgeway, A. B. Wood. Fairfiold, E. E. rearman. Ann Arbor, Augusta, W. E. Bunning. Chelsea, J. L. Hudson. Carlton and Scliofield, J. M. Korndgo. Dexter, L. P. Davis. Dixboro, T. Seoly. Lima and Francisco, John VI. bhank. Urass Lake, J. Frazer. Henrietta, J. Bradley. . Hilan and Oakville, J. B. Bussel!. Addison, O. W. Willots. Saline, D. B Shier. Monroe, O. J. Pemn. Medina, G. M. Lyon. Watorloo, Alfonso OraOB. Dundee, William George. Clayton, T. Nichols. OTHER ADJACENT CHARGES. Ypsilanti, W. W. Washburne. Salem and Northfield, L. H. Dean. Hamburg and Wkitmora Lake, A. b. Belleville, 8. L. Ramsdcll.


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