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If the work is well done, f all planting has its advantagee. Farmers usually can spare the time better in the Fall than Spring ; the roads are in better condition to go f or the trees ; the tree gets an earlier start in Spring, sending out new roots so it can stand a Summer droutli better. Uut the work must be well done, or the tree is likely to Winter-kill. In filling in the earth about the roots every space should be filled, f or while spaces of air are about the roots the freezing will kill the bark in such spots, The bark of the roots is absorbing a slight quantity of moisture all Winter. Henee in transplanting let ns know the importance of placing fine, moist earth and soil on all parts of the roots, so the absorbing foice of tlie roots may be as little tiininished as possible, tor. wp have cul ff" ;i considerable portion of the roots in ligging-, i i,,t us remember that no tree dies without a cause, and that the cause of a tree dying when transplanted is the want of that absorbing power at the roots. - Ex.


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