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- llaman and Courtney have arranged a race oa Chautauqua lake, Oct. 16. - The Kte warm weathor has caused yellow fever to break out afresk in Memphis. - A Florida newspaper calis upon sonie medical man to explaiu why a negro never sneezes. - Creditors of Rev. Mr. Murrny met the other day and appointed a trustee to look afler their interests. - Judge Drummond of Chicago, on tho bench twenty-nine yeara, will retire on Thursday next, when ho will complete the 7Oth year of bis ago. - Greenfield, who killed his wif'e, while residing in a rural Oswego County, N. Y. town, some yeara ago, is on trial i.t Syracuse, the third time. - No tidings are reoeived of Prof. Jnr, Wise, accompanied by Georgië Burr, who ascended in a balloon from St. Loais, Sunday evening, Sop. 2S. - In an ovoning talk at Cooper Ina(itute, Brother Moody, who has met u great mauy men in his warfaro againgl sinners, asserted, "Ihave hardly ev r met a man who was couverted by uieans of a sermón."


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