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BOTt'S BRAND FALL OPENING OF RIGH DRY GOODS Will tiilce place Tirorsday, Friday and Saturday, October Sd, íid and -Itli. The Ladies of Ann Arbor and vicinity are invited to be piesent and yitness the unrivalled display of now and handsome Fall and Winter Qoods. is a compliment to our visitors we shall inaugúrate, on eat)h sueeessive day f this opening, a Special Sale of Staple and Desirable Goods. We shall cotnmcnce a grand offcring of 28 pieces Colore! Casl.meres, at. 50c and l'5c. 86 piecc Black Cunta. inerea, 40 and 4G incites wi'le, at .roc, GOc, 75e, 9íe, md M.O . 2&pec:s 36-inch Colored Cashmerc, at 20c- well wortli 38c. 100 piecea new Fall Uresn Goeds, ot 12; _c, 15c, lïc, amd 20c. Wo wlll pluce on sale 50 dozei: Napliins, 10 piceca TablO Linen, an 1 38 doz n Huck and Damnsk Towïiiwhich we Ruarantc" to be il"1 oheapesc line ol Linon goods over showii in tliis city. Alao, 100 Eed Comfortables, at 31.25, S1.50, and $1.75. OUT SATUEXJAT JLOllfTXTGr. Wo will prwont In ooi Lace Stook an abtolutely orerwhêlming series of Rargnina in IAE'ER of every deaorlptioOi at pricefl which will defy competioo. 100 pieces Wid. Cm tam and Tninmiiiff Laces, at 5c per yard. 27 pieces Nottinfjham Curtain Lnces, eletrant patterBS, at 1de, ti-'J-'f, 15c, 18c, 25c, to 50c per y:ni. 100 White Bed Qulltê, nt 51.00, 81.25, ad 1 81,50 ench. We lead the city in our Corte Department. An elegant silkeiabroidered Corset at 53c. A fiue Triple títeol Corset, embroidered in nuk on clusp and bust, 75c. ohst iLOirjDJ.zr ia:oi?.isriisra-, oct. s. Wesliall open 275 of the cclehrated " Kolhscbild's " Perfect Fitting CLO AKS AND DOITOAKS, t(B.8O, M.50, Í5.00, to $28.00. Eespectfullv, JOHN 1T. GOTT,


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