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Poetry: The Editor

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That editor who wills to please, JMust humbly crawl upon his knees, And kiss the iian ds (hut beat liim ; Dr if he dnro altempt u walk, Muit toe the mark that others clialk, And cringo to all that meet him. Says one, youreubjects are too grave-. Too much morality yoa have - Too much about religión : Give me urne wifch or wizard talos, With bhp-bhaJ ghosts, with fius and acales Or feathers like a pigeon. I leve to rcad, another cries, 'Tliose montrou fashioiable lies, In o;her wfdn, iliose novéis ; Composed of kings and queena and lord, Of border wars and gothic hordes, That used to hvo in hovels. No, no cries one, we've had cnough Of uch confoiinded love-sick fctuff, To cioze tlie (ir creution ; Give u wnic recent foreign news, Oí Ru6íians, Turke - the Grecksand Jewa, Or any other nation. The man of diilled achotaitic lore, IVould like to see a little moro In cup of Greek and Latin : Thu mercKanl rthr Iiave ïhe prico Ot" outhfni indigo and rice ; Of lnd;u Bilka and iaüti. Another cries, I wint morefun, A witty anecdote or pun, A rebutí or a riddle : Same long for miisionary news, And some for worldly carnal vtewa, Wuuld rmher heur a fiddle. The crilic, too, of classic skill, Must dip in gall his gander quill, And crawl agninst the paper ; Of ail thu literary lüuls ired n our colleges nnd schools, He cuts tlic Silltcsi caper. Another cries, I wunt to sce A juiobjdd up vutiety - Vanety in all thidgs ; A iniscellnneous hodge-podgs print, Composed - I only givo the hint, Ot niultitarioue smull things, I wantsome niorriuge news, ays mis, It constitutea rny highest blias To henr of wedd.iiga plenty : For in a time of general rain, ííono suffer from a drought, 'iíb plain - At leust nol oue in twenty. I want to licar of dunths, says one, Of pcople totaliy undine, Of losses, fire or fevor : Another answer, full üs wise, I'd rathcr have the fall and riso Of raccoon skins and beaver. Some signify a secret wish For now and then u eavory dish Of politics to suit thein ; But hcre we rest at perfect easc, For shouid thev sve;ir the nioon was chcese, We never shouid dispute thein. Or grave, or humorous, wild or ainc, Lofiy or low, 'iis 11 the same, Too haughty or too humble ; And every editorial wight, Has naught to do but what is right, And lei the grutnblers grumble.