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Poetry: Jonathan's Account Of A Cattle Show

Poetry: Jonathan's Account Of A Cattle Show image
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Dd y'evcr to the Catlle Show go 7 What kicking, and pushing, and goring - Cattle in pens - ihe pene n a row - And tamal grcat hoga, there, a enoring. Thero's sneep too ; ewcsr, and weathors, and lambs- Somo Bucks, (somo are'nt in pens far's I know ;) Thero'a hecp of the Dons; tome Uncía Sam's, Somo Naiives - some "real Merino." There's a tug too, or trial of strength, With hawing and geeing nnd acolding, Jiibt to twitch a greut stone a Ibot'a Iength - " Haw ! haw buck ! - why doa't ye! - gee golding I" Then for ploughing they give a reward, And cuto as a squirrel thauurrows, Off aiart ihe plows, cuts through ilio grecn sward, And turning ihe slickesl oí ('urrows. And then, sir, n a rooni tliat they've got, TJierc's antocean of notione " display'd, Tlicro'd blankuis, atid stockings, nnd - what n oí - Thit the fulks in their houscs bavcmade. There's bonncts, both of strawand of gras, And cloth too, of woolon and lincn, And there's yarn, and there'e thread, smooth as glaes, That gala for themselves have been spinning. Thcref8 hats, and there's shoes, and therc's leather. And therc's - I can't teil half now, I íear- Got n prize - gee ho I ultojjether ! And I'd go lo ihe show iwice a yoar.