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,1nn Jlrbor ■flYJ? w gáfl í?$ l& v& &ftaï5lra fekp ipl I - THE undersined inving nurch.-sed the interostsofhis partner'in üic Mnrblc Business, voul 1 inform iho inlmbitnrrs of thisand adjoming :onniics, ihnr he coniinues ihe busines at tiie ld stnntl in Upper Town, near the Presbyterian "Imrcli. where lic wil! rr a mi facture tri order. Monv?ncnts, Grove Sloncs Paint Slonc, Tablcts, S-c. $-c. Those wishinr to obtnin any nrliclo in hisline if business will jmd by calling that he has on assortment of White and Variegated Mirble frorn [he Eastern Mnrble Quirrics, lucli wili be wroucht in Modern siylc. and sóltl at enstern priL-c;:. ftdding transporiation only. ("'.dl and gei iheproof. J. M. ROCKWELL. Ann Arbor? July 8, 1S4G. 270 I y Chcap Harö-ware Store. TUK Subdcriber takes this method o ihfprm his old cusiotner8 and the public penerally tliat he still continúes 10 keep 0 largeand genera) assortmeni of Foreign and üatneslic HARDWARE, CUTLERY, &c. Also. Spike. W'iouht. (Tut and IJort-e'Hhoc Nailf", Glaes, Sheet Iron, Hoop Iron. Sheet and Har Léad, Zync. Rright and Aneuitiii Wire. Mol.isses Gates and Fussettp, Mili Saws. Croín Cui Snws. llandnnd Wood Saw, BacH and Key linie Saws, Anvils. Vices. B(ilosve,Adzp.s.Coop. ei's Iqoli, Drnwting K nivea, Spoke Shaves. Tap Borers, Cdsi Steel Augura. Cominon AuL'nrs, Aucur Bitts. Mollow Augura. Steel and Iron Squares. Ground Piasier, Water Linie, Grind{Stones, Poinsh.('aldrn and SugarKetdes. Cable, Lo?;. 'J'race and Halter Chaina, Bioad, ilnndand Narrovv Axes. Spirit and Plunib Lcvels. together with a eeneral asfortment of Hol- lew Ware. which will he sold low tor Cash a npprovod credit at J 23, Jefferson Avenue. Eldred's Block. R. MARVIX. Detroit, Jan. 16th.l846. 248-ly AND A TRBATY F0HSÏSD, TIJEREBY S. FELCII can hold W FllKB Tr.1K AM) CüMV.EIICK IN EGOTS, 8MIOF1S, IjE.ITIIcr, auEl JFindings of all kinds, with all persons. JVatives or Foreigners, on the foilowin juet and equal terms. vi'. ': Good Aitidcs - Low Piices - lieudij l'aij - ti ad A'o Trust. The su()scribcr having ful!y testerl die Credii System to lus iircat Io6j, both of confiJence nnd cash, and having euiFuied much lo&a Uy (ire, ne cessity coni[)els ititn to coilcct his jxiy ' bj nc liarcest," as 'afikk hakvest and xkitfall," vcry olten conic up "" leaving l)im subj in tlie liuol-holc. fie bascóme to tlie eamc conclusión ihnt ceriain ec-nsible girJs did on a late occisión, {ice to tal or n husband, rcady pay or no Shocmaliing ) All persons ihat can conform to the above ircaiy wili do well to cali on S Felch, Ann Arhor, Lkwcí Town, No. 4 Huron Block, where ihey will noi bc taxcd for othera' work who never pay. N, D. AU persons indebted in any way to the sibscriber, had beiter calí and pay if ihcy are h'inost an! mean to keepso. i97-Gn S. FELCII. Ann Arbor, Lower Town. Jan. i, 1817. FURNITURE & UPHOLSTERING WAREJROOMS. ÍN tlielower end of tbc White Iilock. dircoily opposite the JVhc noiv Kxciianik. have on liand a large assortment of LLJiAlTURE, of their own manu acture, which they will scll vcry .ow for Cash They also keep esperiencd Uphoïsterers, and are prepared (o do all kinds of Upholstering at the shortcst notice. Funiiuirc oí all kinds madn to order of ihe best material, and warninted. STEVENS & ZUO. Detroit, January, I, 1817. 2!)7-1y 131 & AM G VITAR, BIIASS VIOL, AND VIOLJN STRINGS, jont receivcd by Dec. 19, 1846. 296 C. BLISS.