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Rev. Samuel J. May On Dancing

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Rev. Samuel J. May, of the Unitarian Church, Syracuse, preacbes on nll subjects that seem right in his own eyes, with as little regard to popular sentiment as any man we know of. Slavery, Rumselling and War are common subjects with him. He has lately preacbed a sermón on Dancing, wbich has been published in the Star and Intelligencer, and in which he goes for dancing, under regulations corresponding with health and propriety. We do not agree with him, in hi main object, but we like exceedingly the foilowing passage : - Lib, Press. " When 1 hear men uttering fierce condemnation of mirth and dancing, and assuming to be godly because they refrain from all such vanities, w)ii!e it is known that they are hard-hearted, cruel, preying upon the ignorance, or taking advantago of the necessities ef their fellow men, grinding the faces of the poor or the forcigner, and perhapsevon devouring widow's houses, I long to say, fudge ! fudge ! ! with an emphasis that would throw down the mask from all such hypocrisy. When I see strict religionists and grave theologians, in solemn conclave, deciding with great uuanimity that dancing is tlie device of the Devil, and that they who join. in it are in the road to certain perdition, and ought to be expelled from the CViristian church, while at the same lime they tolérate the rumseller, the slaveholder, the extortioner and oppressor of the poor j when I seehose whoso who can rearlily agrce to cxcntnmunicate persons who dance, yel disputing day afier dny, growing hol wilh angcr, and even separating from one nnoiher ralher tÜan agree to expe] from their communion those men who get gain or grow rich by making or importing and vending poisonous liquors, which are causing annunlly the moral ruin of lens of thousands - or those who dare to treat fellow beings as f tlicy were chattels persona', dornesliealed animáis, whom they may buy and sell and work like cattle, and treat no better : - I say, when I see grave assemblios of reverend Divines and zealous religionists unanimously agreeing to drive dancing out of the church, but concluding to keep rumseüing and slaveholding in, I am reminded of those of old, who Jesus said could 'slrain at a gnat and swallow a camel.' " Ah, and when, too, I hear men who assume to be the elect of God - the chosen followers of the Lamb, uttering the severest denunciations of those who "trip on the light fanlastic toe," but commendng, nay, applauding those who go with leavy tramp and iron heel to mutílate he limbs, deface the couutenances, manjle the bodies, and crush out the hcan's )lood of their fellow men in horrid war, cannof suppreas the exclamaüon, "O Consistency ! where is thy blush ÏV