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Illini Could Surprise, Says Swami

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By Jerry Liska

CHICAGO (AP)—The frost is on the pumpkin

The bee is in the hive

And a lotta football coaches

Would settle for five-and-five


Question in the Big Ten is which two of the three Rose Bowl contenders can bell the Big Cat, No. 1 Ohio State. It’s up to Purdue and Michigan, in the season’s final two stanzas, to avoid a flattening by the Buckeyes which probably would send Indiana to Pasadena.

The Old Midwest Professor enters the third-from-last round of the season with a 35-16 picking record good for .686.

Michigan 24, Illinois 13—Michigan thought Glenn Doughty was a slick runner until scurrying Bill Taylor stole Doughty’s job. The winless Illini could surprise, though, with a little more staying power than displayed in folding, 49-22, against rallying Purdue.

Purdue 21, Michigan State 12—Through the years, these two teams have been trading upsets. The Spartans still haven’t found a quarterback who can throw and the Boilermakers have Mike Phipps, Nuff said.

Ohio State 35, Wisconsin 12—It may be getting tough for Woody Hayes to convince his No. 1 Buckeyes that a Big Ten game isn’t just a weekday scrimmage with the scrubs. It’s been 10 years since Wisconsin last defeated OSU, like 12-3 at Madison, Wis., in 1959. It would be the upset of the decade if the Badgers did it this time at Columbus where Wisconsin hasn’t won since 1918.

Minnesota 18, Northwestern 12—The Gophers gained a lot of respectability breaking into the win column by stunning Iowa.

Indiana 21, Iowa 14—Racial problems have erupted at Indiana. The Hoosiers won’t be at full strength but they are not giving up on the Rose Bowl without a fight. Both clubs will wheel and deal.