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Sat, 06/17/2017 - 10:11am

Badge Drop!

Done with this week's badge drop already? WHAT? NO? YES? PERHAPS? AFTER LUNCH? Well, we are stereotypically DELIGHTED to bring you even MORE BADGES as we KICK OFF SUMMER GAME 2017!

Because, this weekend is A2CAF, the Ann Arbor Comic Arts Festival! 11-5:30 on Saturday, and 12-5:30 on Sunday, we've got SCADS of CARTOONISTS, COMICS, and all-around HILARIOUS PEEPS descending upon the downtown library for UNRIVALED GOOD TIMEZ!

And it wouldn't be A2CAF without a literal DELUGE of POINTS and BADGES! You can get 5000 points just for completing the ALLEY CATCHER BADGE! And a 1000 point bonus if you acheive the rare and challenging A2CAF MEGAFAN BADGE, which only 31 players managed to obtain last year! A2CAF is a delight for all ages, so get on downtown this weekend and grab a handy A2CAF CODE SHEET to help you CATCH THEM ALL!

A2CAF Badges
echo theme_summergame_badge(1353,1354,1356,1358,1361);

A2CAF only comes around once a year, so start your Summer Game off with a POINTS-INFUSED RUSH and SAMPLE THE DELIGHTS here with us at A2CAF!

Thanks for playing! SEE YOU AT THE LIBRARY!


love this game. I play it every year, and I tell my friends, and we play together. SOOOOOOO FUNNN

It was so heartening to see such a large number of people at the library this afternoon. We had a lot of fun, too! Thanks for the incredible amount of work it must have taken to put this event together; it's been a blast so far!

I'm glad there are two days, 'cause I had a full afternoon of errands and couldn't make it today. Definitely will go tomorrow.

Thanks for numbering the comics' codes and providing the sheet to fill codes in. Made it much easier to not miss any!

Everyone should make time to check out A2CAF. My six year old said, "it was really great because we got to meet the comic book authors and illustrators."

I should have put the numbers in the blanks--I put one in twice and ended up missing #32. Whoops. Lesson learned for next year.

If you send a message to AADL, I'm pretty sure they will give you the code you misspelled.

Something's up with the Super Crafty Creator badge. I have four of four codes, but the badge is not being awarded.

I'm seriously sad I had to miss A2CAF this year. I always have a lot of fun there, but it just didn't work out. I'm glad to see so many others made it out!

Our kiddos liked meeting the authors and comics too! But we never got our codes that day. Anyone have them?

can someone help I am stuck on the 4th code of Friend or Faux

I got F***yT**e: A t*** s**** but it is wrong

@palanijr: You need to find that (with a space between the first two words) in the catalog to find the code.
BTW, my friend code is TRACK969.

A2CAF has had another fantastic year. Thanks to all the artists and patrons who visited! See you all next year!

My daughter was so excited to see so many of her favorite authors last weekend! Thanks tons for this wonderful event!!

Thanks to the AADL as well as Edith and Greenbrain etc, for a fantastic event! We are looking forward to many more!

Hello Summer Game Players,
I have been getting a ton of friend adds and that is amazing! Make sure that you edit your player details and add your player code in with your nickname so I can add you as well! The player you add will not be able to add you if you don't do this :)
I hope that everyone is enjoying the game so far!

Happy Code Hunting!


I enjoyed A2CAF. What a great event, with a variety of things to do. Someday when I'm not hauling little kids around, I'll try for the Megafan badge.

Arrrrrgh! I walked 'round the Artists' Alley twice and perused the art and merchandise and even talked to several artists. I diligently wrote down every code I saw. But I came up one short for the badge! One of the 51 codes I wrote down turned out to be for a quick draw event (that I didn't actually watch, arriving just as it ended). Arrrrrrgh!


If you write a "contact us" to the library staff, I'm sure they will help you.

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