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Summer Game 2020!

Fri, 06/12/2020 - 8:40am by richretyi


The Summer Game starts at 9:59am June 12 and runs all summer long until August 30! Get ready for another summer of reading, riddles, codes, and prizes. Stay tuned for more teasers on the upcoming Summer Game.

What are you waiting for? GET STARTED NOW!

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Badge Drop #12: Good to the LAST DROP!

Fri, 08/28/2020 - 12:00pm by nicole

It's almost UNBELIEVABLE, Summer Gamers! It seems like just yesterday we were kicking off our SG shenanigans, slipping on our flip-flops and looking ahead at a nice, long summertime full of sun, fun, smiling awkwardly at people with our EYES ONLY, and, (of course!) BADGES!

But — YIKES! — those early days FLEW right by as we all got into SUMMER -- reading, watching, listening, or WHATEVER NEBULOUS THING SUMMER MEANT TO YOU!

So now we're at The LAST Badge Drop, with just DAYS left (the rest of today, Saturday, and Sunday until MIDNIGHT) left to EARN POINTS and collect ALL THE BADGES YOU POSSIBLY CAN! 

If you CAUGHT BADGE FEVER long ago, and have been been working away at each series, today's Badge Drop is ESPECIALLY exciting for YOU. WHY, you ask? Because it rewards you for things YOU'VE ALREADY DONE! 

Pretty cool, right? 

So, if you've already visited ALL of the parks, you'll ALREADY have the ARBOR MASTER BADGE! If you've been REELY GOOD at keeping up, you'll have the BEST OF THE WES badge! Likewise, if you've tracked down all the right SPACE-EXPLORING SPECIES, you're a total SPACE CADET! Which is much more exciting than it sounds!! And of course, there are still a few more days to become MASTER OF THE BADGE-I-VERSE and earn some more MASTER BADGES!

Don't worry quite yet about spending all those points you've been wracking up — THE SHOP will remain open until September 7th. All orders will be ready for pickup in late September, but due to REASONS no orders can be filled until then!

Badge Drop #12

Arbor MasterSpace CadetMaster of YoreStream DreamBest of the WesStink KingGreatest of the DecadeGames MasterCookie MunchsterBizarre MasterPitcher PerfectBlack Ann Arbor Achiever

We LOVE bringing Summer Game to our players, and whether you played a little or a LOT, we want to say AS ALWAYS... 


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Badge Drop #11: Deal or No Deal

Fri, 08/21/2020 - 12:00pm by ohheyitselle

This is it, folks... THE FINAL(ish) DEAL!!!

First on the agenda, we need to take a moment to give you all a round of applause. This summer we have raised the STAKES, upped the ANTE, took things UP A NOTCH, and all sorts of other idioms and you all have DELIVERED! 

BUT WE'RE NOT QUITE DONE YET! This is the last badge drop before the ever-so-coveted MASTER BADGES are released! 

This week we have an array of badges to SWEETEN the Summer Game DEAL! From DOMINOES to (chocolate) CHIPS, we've got it! 

Are you gonna PASS or PLAY?!?

Badge Drop #11

Carp TroubleYOREgasbordThe Last AirbadgerSharpest Eye of the WesBadger of HonorOne Weird Trick: The 2010s!Domino EffectChip ShapeIsland in the RoughAt the Old Ball GameArt-i-factsThe Other Bell Isle


Some of you may be asking, "Where are my badges for collecting home codes?" Well, dear player, we're saving home code badges for next summer when it's easier for everyone to go out into the world for code collecting, but we see you, Super Home Code Scorers, and we're VERY impressed! 

OH, and as always, THANKS FOR PLAYING!

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Badge Drop #10: We're Halfway There!

Fri, 08/14/2020 - 12:00pm by nicole

Can you believe it? We're halfway through with August already, which means we're halfway to the END of Summer Game 2020!

It's time to finish up those reviews and tags! It's time to earn the badges you've been saving for a RAINY DAY!

It's August 14th, and that means TODAY is your very last day to make a home code! 

Wow. We've had a pretty great summer considering this BONKERS year, and it's not quite over yet! Today is FRIDAY, and we're proud to present you another BADGE DROP! 

These badges are about HISSSTORY, and CRUMBLY COOKIES, and WILD WOLVERINES! Plus, explore exotic places like OUTER SPACE and ATLANTA!

What are you waiting for? Summer's almost over! 


Goodness SnakesUnbeerlievableGlover CountryCast of CharactersWolverine SceneY2YAYSwitching to DigitalLet's Stick TogetherTerrestrial Space ToursThree Strikes You're OutParkridge PastimesColoring Chance with ZING!Zingerman's Virtual Passport 1Zingerman's Virtual Passport 2

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Badge Drop #9: Time Flies

Fri, 08/07/2020 - 12:00pm by ohheyitselle

Ya know what? We have nothing to say! Summer is OFFICIALLY here and you have ALL the time in the WORLD to do all your SG favorite activities! There's NO sense of urgency to get ANYTHING done because we still have 3 months of summer-y goodness ahead of us...Hmm? What's that?

IT'S AUGUST ALREADY?!?!?...Woah. How unexpected. 

Wait...if it's ALREADY AUGUST 7 that means you only have one week left to make a home code!!!

Wow. This really has been quite the doozy of a revelation. It's a good thing it's TUESDAY and we have the rest of the week to sort this out... Hmm? What's that?

It's ALREADY FRIDAY?!?!?!?!?... Wow. How bizarre. 

Wait... if it's ALREADY FRIDAY that means we have a badge drop!!!!!!!

While we here at SG Headquarters figure out if TIME is even a thing anymore, HERE ARE SOME BADGES! We have some STRANGER THINGS this week like STINKY BUGS, WACKY WEATHER, all things '90s, and MORE! 


Badge Drop #9

For The BardsPower PlantStrange MagicAin't Nothin' but a Found DogExplosive BeetlemaniaNavigating the '90sAll ABOARDProfit Fortune Wacky WeatherFor It's One TwoThe Real McCoy

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Fri, 07/31/2020 - 12:00pm by nicole

It's the very last day in JULY, and it just keeps getting hotter and hotter, players. The month may be almost over, and the summer may have been pretty much cancelled back in March, but we assure you, things are still heating up here in Summer Game Headquarters!

The amount of point-scoring, web-searching, and code-collecting going on has really lit a FIRE under us, so LOOK! Here's some more PIPING HOT BADGES!

This week we've got FOWL play, a SHAME of a game, a journey to the WES (Anderson), plus, a dozen more Web Search badges to entertain the intrepid INDOOR ADVENTURER!

Not to mention, we're dropping our REVIEW MASTER BADGES, for those of you BLAZING through the catalog and leaving useful reviews! Haven't reviewed anything yet? All you have to do is leave 5, 10, or maybe MORE thoughtful reviews in the catalog to earn yourself a brand new Review Master badge!

And DON'T FORGET!! There are only HOURS left in the month of July to place your Summer Game Shop orders and get a special enamel pin ONLY AVAILABLE if you place your order in July! Placing your orders in July will be a BIG help to your Library, so get yours orders in NOW!

Plus, Friday, August 14th will be the LAST day to make a HOME CODE! That's only two weeks left to make your own code for your MAILBOX, WINDOW, or WHEREVER!

Whether you're wandering around hot on the trail of Summer Game codes, burning the midnight oil looking through the catalog, or just sitting very still in front of a fan to keep from melting, REMEMBER that the Summer Game is braving the almost-August heat with you!


Badge Drop #8

Amphi-billionsA Big BoomMy Little PawneeGrand TourFoul FowlI Want My 1980sGet on BoardSnowy WeddingHow Haunted!It's a ShameKayser KeyholdersWorld Famous Trivia: His Benevolent Highness Kite's Subsequent Award For Unabating Participation BadgeGood GriddanceSuper Review MasterMega Review MasterGiga Review MasterUltra Review MasterSupreme Review Master

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Badge Drop #7: The POINT IS POINTS

Fri, 07/24/2020 - 12:00pm by ohheyitselle

So far this summer, we've sent you on hunts all around PARKS, NEIGHBORHOODS, and the CATALOG! You must be EXHAUSTED. 

We've been throwing a LOT of new things at you recently so this week we're kicking back and taking it EASY... and by "easy" we mean we still have a LOT for you to do while you kick back and take it easy. Relaxing, right?? 

(Hmm...maybe we aren't taking it easy at all...)

The POINT is, we want to give YOU a chance to earn all the POINTS you can! ESPECIALLY since you only have one more week to place your Summer Game Shop order to receive the LIMITED EDITION EXCLUSIVE COLLECTIBLE ENAMEL PIN that all July shop orders will receive for FREE! 

So go and bolster up your point total with some NEW BADGES all about mysteries of the SPOT and DIAMOND variety, some Tasmanian devils, non-Tasmanian vampires, and MORE! As always, THANKS FOR PLAYING!

Badge Drop #7

Loosey MongooseyThe Nope DiamondBuffy the S.G. PlayerCrossing the IsleTop-Devil DomainThat 70s BadgeBack-Game-OnSugar Wafer AppraisalThe Rest Is MysterySeventh Inning StretchAll Things ElksChampion Trees III

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It's the 2020 SUMMER GAME SHOP!

Fri, 07/17/2020 - 5:00pm by eli

What's that we see, in a previously forgotten corner of YOUR VERY FAVORITE WEBSITE?! No, not LixLox nor PhaseBook nor UNCLEMORTYSDISCOUNTMAMMOTHS.GEOCITIES.COM, we're talking about good ol' AADL.ORG! Why, it's the triumphant return of the one and only SUMMER GAME SHOP!

Due to, well, *gestures around vaguely* the Summer Game Shop is going to be a bit different than the RESPONSIVENESS and FLEXIBILITY you've become accustomed to from your Library. Yeah, it's hard for us too. But we've found a way to still have a great Summer Game Shop, get lots of GREAT STUFF into your GREAT CLOSETS and keep everybody safely DISTANT all Summer Long. SO, here's the SCOOP!


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Badge Drop #6: Star Awards!

Fri, 07/17/2020 - 12:00pm by nicole

Yes, we know, it's not-quite-nighttime, but let's talk about STARS anyway! Not the kind you'd find in a constellation. This week we're focusing our telescope on a series of badges to celebrate the most OPINIONATED kind of star -- the RATING STAR!

By now we're sure you've rated a thing or two in the catalog, so stargaze upon these FIVE STAR-STUDDED FIVE-STAR STAR MASTER BADGES!!

These bonus badges will give you bonus POINTS for ratings, so find some books, music, or movies in your orbit and RATE AWAY!

And, of course, enjoy a METEOR SHOWER of badges about all sorts of out-of-this-world things, like DANCING PLAGUES and SHONDA RHIMES!


Badge Drop #6

Super Star MasterMega Star MasterGiga Star MasterUltra Star MasterSupreme Star MasterKudzu NotCoinciDANCE? Scenes From ShondalandDahlhouse AestheticThe Polecat's MeowSeize the SixtiesDuck, Duck OUTLife's Too ShortbreadStrange Small TownsIf They Don't WinKeeping Up With Jones SchoolCreekshedsThe Huron RiverCity-Managed TreesThe Saturday Badge

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Badge Drop #5: Right to Your Home Codes

Fri, 07/10/2020 - 12:00pm by ohheyitselle

You, dear players, have taken up RESIDENCE in our minds here at Summer Game Headquarters. We have been DWELLING on ways to assure you that you are ENVIRONMENT to be here! Any thoughts of of Summer Gamers not belonging to the Summer Game doesn't ABODE well by us because you are as much of the Summer Game as we are! So much, in fact, that we are bringing the Summer Game right to your LOCATION!!!...Well...more than it already is... because we're introducing: 

HOME CODES! Bringing codes to you and your neighbors since 2020! 

The way HOME CODES work is simple! You create your VERY OWN PERSONALIZED code by clicking My Player. Then scroll down your My Summer Game page until you see "Player Details". You'll see the words, "Create a Home Code", click that and... well... CREATE A HOME CODE! Your Home Code is 100% created BY you FOR other passerby! You can choose whether or not you want your Home Code displayed on the map of ALL THE HOME CODES (A serious, no puns note: No personal information is given on the map. Just the address linked to the code!) Once your Home Code is created, you can MAKE a sign or PRINT a sign to put in your window! WHAT FUN! 

While you're busy making Home Codes, remember that the Summer Game Shop is opening VERY SOON! July 17th to be exact! 

So go make those Home Codes and thanks for pla-WAIT. 

In all the Home Code excitement, we've forgotten about the BADGES!

As per usual, we have all sorts of FABULOUS, THRILLING, and FUN badges just for you! LOOK!

Badge Drop #5

Aw, Rats!Do the UnsinkableJagged Little ShrillEast Meets WesAnglin' for a PangolinFab '50s!Multipurpose MarblesPeanut Butter Cookie ClutterCave the DayFor the Home TeamKnow Kerrytown Pt 2Champion Trees II


That's all folks, and THANKS FOR PLAYING!