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Summer Game Shop

You've found the 2018 SUMMER GAME SHOP! We've got items new and classic just for you! A few things to know:

  • You need 2018 points to order the 2018 items.
  • Each player can order up to 4 2018 items.
  • You can use any of your points to buy Classic Shop Items.
  • Classic Items are added to the Shop each Friday at 7 PM!
  • The 2018 Summer Game Shop will close at midnight on Sunday, September 9.

Read this post for more details and keep an eye on the Summer Game Blog to always be IN THE KNOW!

Want MORE great Summer Game Stuff? Support the Summer Game by ordering from the REAL MONEY SHOP!

Thanks to our wonderful Friends of AADL for supporting the Summer Game, and to Ann Arbor's Own Underground Printing for these amazing items!