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Badge Drop #10: *STARSTRUCK*

Fri, 08/18/2017 - 6:16pm

Summer Game 2017 may have put STARS in your EYES, but stay tuned for some excitement from the STARS in the SKIES!

There's some AWESOME ASTRONOMY afoot on Monday, 8/21! The only thing that can eclipse the AWESOMENESS of the Summer Game is AN ACTUAL ECLIPSE!!! Join us at the Downtown Library on Monday, 8/21 from 1-3 pm for our SOLAR ECLIPSE VIEWING PARTY. There will be solar eclipse viewing glasses (the must-have accessory of the summer) available to share!

But BEFORE you look up, LOOK BELOW! Hey! BADGES!!!!

2017 Badge Drop #10
echo theme_summergame_badge(1504,1501,1502,1509,1507,1512,1506,1503,1511,1513,1505,1510,1508);

Now think of a number. NO, another number. Did you think of 13? Well, think of it now. THIRTEEN!!!!!! It's important because....

THAT'S HOW MANY DAYS OF SUMMER GAME REMAIN! Just 13 more days of CODE HUNTING and POINT GATHERING, SG hunter-gatherers! Gotta get out there and FORAGE for FUN while there's still FUN to FORAGE!

Time's a-tickin'! Collect those codes! Create those comments! Procure those points! BADGE THOSE BADGES!



How is the summer game ending already? Didn't it JUST START? Does anyone else feel this way?

Only 13 more days of SG bliss??? Oh no!!!!!!

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Just did the poison ivy badge as I am dealing with the itching of poison ivy on my arms. Badge came just a little late.

I'm having trouble finding two codes at the downtown branch for the branch explorer badge. Can anyone give me a hint where to look?

It's the first one and the eleventh one.

The first one's clue is "straight away to the straightaway!" What does this mean?

The eleventh clue is "learn how to stir a little spice into your nightly menu."

I assumed that one meant to look in the cookbook section. No luck. Should I look again? Usually the branch explorer codes are hidden in plain sight. Somehow, I missed these.

Thanks for any hints you can give me about these two clues. I'm stumped.

surfgrape Try going downstairs for the first clue. The other one I think is in the cookbooks.

I need help with this weeks badge Train Crashes. The Second Clue is write it all out as one big clue. I have tried every possible combination with no luck.

Just finished the last "Experation Date" badge. Must admit, I did not enjoy that series, but I still did all of them because, well, they're summer game badges.

Do we know if the last badge drop will only be masters badges, or if there will be things to solve?

I'm having the same issue on the second clue of Ann Arbor Stories. Train crashes.

@cinderellariley and @Thomas B Brown - the second clue in Train Crashes is a three word phrase with a conjunction in the middle. Does that help? The hint has been updated.

@Cinderellariley @Thomas B Brown @Sara W GM -- I'm also having trouble with the second clue in Train Crashes (which actually occurs first in the story) -- the only conjunction near the sound is "and" and the two words on either side are not the clue. Help!

I'm having trouble with the first Expiration Date code. I've tried all types of possible answers that are scientific, and so on with NO luck... Any clues???

Having trouble with the third clue in Expiration Date, about the running start in German. I've spent about 20 minutes searching for starting positions and can't find any when adding "German" to the search terms. Thanks!

@gardenfaerie, look at how she prepared her running shoes, not a position. And when you find the german name you're looking for, don't include the umlaut in the code.

I'm also having trouble tithe the Train Crashes code. I've listened to that part of the story more then once so I know im playing with the right words, and I even checked my spelling (I always mess up if it's ei or ie). Getting frustrated, help!

@gardenfaerie - I'll bet you're looking for the same thing I did, which was the wrong thing. I won't admit to how much time I wasted on that. What you need is a little bit earlier in the story, what she perfected so she could do it without looking.

@emeloche and @Zekicmom-- thanks so much! I sure made that harder than it needed to be. I'm having trouble with a bunch of clues in this badge set!!!

@ssmyth, for the first code, first google something like "types of hallucinations" to find the kind he has, then enter that term into Google again for the scientific name. Ends with "phy".

@Zekicmom,what are the masters badges you mentioned? Are they obtained by completing a whole set of other badges? First time player, so I appreciate any guidance. I'm gunning for a golden bundle!

@surfgrape: for the straightaway clue, focus Low in the basement corridor ;)

@ferielp, in previous years the last badge drop would contain master badges that as you thought, would be awarded to anyone who finished all the badges in a series. It applied to pretty much everything - the Branch Explorers, Ann Arbor Stories, all the Search Badges, every category. I don't know for sure that they'll do it again, but it can be a big boost of points at the end.

Glad to hear you're enjoying the game so much. It's one of my favorite parts of summer.

I am also having incredibly frustrating difficulty with the second Train Crashes code. I have tried every combination using a conjunction with words near the special sound. Nothing is working and I've noticed that this badge has not yet been awarded to anyone. Something is wrong. Help!

And as always, THANK YOU AADL staff for doing this for us, making our summer this much better. Even if my children now refer to themselves as my "code slaves".

I'm also having lots of trouble with the Poison Ivy badge. How am I supposed to figure out what is the 1st and 11th pictures if they scramble them every time.

Hey to all those folks who struggled with the Train Crashes badge - we're so sorry for the confusion. Turns out there were audio editing errors in the podcast that didn't match up with the hints. It was too scrambled to try to untangle, so our apologies to the players. We've just removed it from the badge list. Still a great episode to listen to - not so great to try to interpret clues from. Sorry and thanks for making an attempt!

My self esteem is glad to know the problem wasn't with me, and thanks for putting us out of our misery. Is it safe to say that the train crashes badge crashed?

I need help with the first code of the Expiration Date badge 9. I've tried:
- CellEnlargement
- CellDivision
- Enlargement
- Division
- Hypotrophy
- Hypoplasia
- Cell

None of them worked. I'm out of ideas. Help please?

@Zekicmom: Thank you for the explanation! More's the pity that I cannot visit all the branches. Explorer, Goblin and now Master badges - so near and yet so far T_T

Also feeling similarly bemused by Expiration Date:Chapter 9 Code #1. What else could it be?!?

@ferielp I still have no idea. I've gotten the other 4 codes for badge #9 already. Literally the last code I need to finish the Expiration Date badge series. And I'm with @Zekicmom, I have not enjoyed it. It's supposed to be only ?? in difficultly, but since about badge 5, there's been one code on each badge that is definitely a ??? difficultly. So frustrating. And the story itself did not make up for it. I really liked the concept of this badge series, too bad it didn't execute well. Maybe next Summer they'll try again?

@jgerman and @ferielp, jgerman's fifth guess is the closest. Just switch the prefix from meaning sodium thiosulphate to meaning overly excited/worked up. :) I've not enjoyed the Expiration Date story or badge, either, but feel like I needed to finish the series. Guessing there's a chapter 10?

Help with the last clue in Fordlandia, please. I'm pretty sure the country is B----l, but I've been through the first 40 results and can't find the code. This set of badges has been the hardest for me!

For the 2 people who have figured out the All for Nautical badge, I cannot figure out the second clue. I've been looking on line for the history of ICS but no names are coming up.

@aunty, I can't even figure out the first code for All For Nautical. I deciphered the clue and it's not the code, then enetered about a dozen variations of flag signals, nautical sugnals, etc. and nothing. ?????

@gardenfaerie Thank you so much!

I found that technical term online, and I did wonder about it because I know "hypo" means going low. I couldn't figure how hypo meant to grow, but I got it from a study-for-the-exam site talking about the two ways organisms grow, so I figured it knew what it was talking about. Apparently not!

And no, there is not a chapter 10. The character from whose perspective and thought process the story is written is dead. Just another reason I don't like this author's writing. How convenient to not have to explain away the bizarre mess concocted up by having the focus character die! Ugh.

@gardenfaerie -- take that phrase you decoded and search it in the catalog.

I'm still working on finding the second clue, so that's as far as I can help for now :)

@emeloche -- thanks!!! For the second clue, google the second thing you decoded and the name POPs up, which you then plug into the catalog.

Re Poison Ivy Badge

The first link is just for your own edification (those photos scramble) the second link is the one you for the code (it doesn't scramble.)

I found the answer to the second clue (All for Nautical), but there are so many results I don't know what I'm looking for. Is it a book? CD? DVD?


not sure what you searched. I got only 3 results for 2nd clue and 1 for 3rd clue. Use the hints with the badge. Enter only the last name to get 2nd code. Enter the three word phrase meaning for the single flag to get the 3rd code.

I'm trying to finish the All for Nautical badge and decoded the very long final clue, found the 1st historical event with the M***** and seems the 2nd would be the A****, but am getting no results with that. Any advice from the 11 who have finished it?

@aunty, I think you're having the same trouble I had and stopped before you got to the right name. Keep reading that wikipedia entry, and find who devised the code in 1800.

I've lived in some amazing library district, including ones that were voted top libraries in the country, but I have never seen anything to this level before. This is our first year playing this fantastic program and I hope to participate for many years to come. AADL is absolutely amazing!!

A third vote for being completely baffled by the final nautical clue here. I've tried the obvious name as a code and as a clue, along with its English translation, the person, and everything else mentioned in the relevant Wikipedia article, both as codes and as clues in the catalog. I also got pretty far into the catalog for results related to the event itself, as well as the greatest film about it (no, not the one named after the event). I'm completely and absolutely stumped, for what I think is the first time. Any help is appreciated, as apparently it's crackable by at least 11 brave souls!

I think the badges are cute and all, but aren't they a bit too much work for the actual payoff? I guess what I'm trying to say is that they should be worth more points when earned...!!

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I keep checking back to see if anyone has given a hint to the last code for the nautical badge. I'm stuck at the same place as everyone else who has posted. I even tried searching for something that has nothing to do with flags, but a type of something that would come up if I googled only the word m_____. I have this terrible feeling that once I finally get it, it will be something that should have been obvious from the beginning. Another case of overthinking it?

Like @MeganH, @Zekicmom and others, I'm stuck on the last code of All For Nautical. I also tried the name of EVERY ship on the wikipedia page, both as codes and in the catalog, and nothing. And that's not even the worst thing. The worst thing is that the song Sailing by Christopher Cross is now stuck in my head. Spoiler: The canvas can't do miracles.

"The canvas can't do miracles?" Just you wait and see. Believe me!

But yes, I feel your pain, garden faerie. And now the sweet earworm of the NSYNC version of "Sailing" shall lull me to sleep.

For everyone stumped on the last nautical badge clue: I just somehow managed to become the 13th person to get it. I don't know if I just got lucky or if the clue isn't great, but after searching the catalog for A**** and every other ship on that wikipedia page a million times, I just searched the original M***** and got the final code. Happy searching!

@kelleyc: Thanks so much for this! That's the *one* thing I didn't try (it always is), but I learned a lot of miscellaneous things while trying everything else that made a shred of sense!

@kelleyc, thank you SO MUCH. That never would have occurred to me since the clue was worded to search for ANOTHER ship. Wooo.

sorry about All for Nautical confusion, players! this is why you (and when i say "you", i mean "i") shouldn't make super confusing badges at midnight! BOTH ships now will get you titles with that code. Thanks for bringing it to our ("my") attention!


All for Nautical, 4th code - the translation of the 3 flags (I.... B.... #) isn't the code, and it isn't yielding anything when I search the catalog. What am I not thinking to try?

@ferielp, you have to look to the initials and number combo in the PDF guide that is linked in the clue.

This badge drop is fun, I particularly like 'Dot Don'. Jar'Edo Wens is a good one.

I think that many of the badges are pretty tough, too... Some of them take a ton of effort!!

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