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Summer Game 2017: MATHEMATICAL!

Tue, 09/05/2017 - 1:33pm by andrewjmac

Well, Summer Gamers, it's September. Summer is but a distant memory now, after having celebrated the working man and woman by eating a hot dog, cleaning out your kid's backpack from last year, and trying not to get drenched. The evenings have grown chilly and you are maybe even dressed in LAYERS. But still you feel the pull to your computer or your phone, still something calls to you from is it all in your head? Yes, it is. Summer Game 2017 is done.

BUT, it's the first day of school, and the first day of school means the triumphant return of MATH! To celebrate the glory of math, we here at SGHQ have done a little bit of number crunching to see if this year's game compared favorably or un to games of previous years. SO HOW DID IT GO? Oh, it went a little something like THIS:


7,225 players scored points in Summer Game 2017! That's a 16.8% increase over last year and yet another all-time high!


Players earned 99,479 Summer Game 2017 badges this summer, up 10.2% from last year! SGHQ created a total of 196 badges that were possible to earn, so that means that each badge was earned an average of 508 TIMES!! This year's top three badges were the Josie's Walker badge (2,276 earns), the Super Summer Reader badge (3,412 earns), and the Track TheRide badge--which a veritable bus-watching army of 3,825 players earned!!!


Players redeemed 533,724 codes in Summer Game 2017! That's an increase of 16.9% over last year, which was already up 30% from the year before! This year we gave you 1088 codes that could be redeemed, which means that each code was typed in an average of 490 times! So not to get too technical, but that's, like, A BUNCH. Nobody hunts down weird puns like you do!


This year was once again the BIGGEST YEAR EVER for reading, watching, and listening to things (at least, as far as we have data to see that)! 24,251,910 pages/minutes were reported this summer, which, again, A BUNCH. That means that, on average, summer gamers spent 3,356 minutes over the course of the summer just kicking back and enjoying a good book/movie/show/podcast/album/WHATEVER. You each read Anna Karenina 4 times this summer! Or watched a single cat video 13,424 times! WE DON'T JUDGE!!


And, as always, we'll end with a WHOPPER of a number, this year's total points earned, a truly ENORMOUS 187,025,833 POINTS!! That's a HUGE increase of 38% over last year!! That causes us to raise our collective SGHQ eyebrows more than a little and begin to ponder if we've done the right thing in CREATING THE MONSTER THAT IS THE COLLECTIVE YOU!!!

So after careful analysis and deep thought, we put all of these various measurements together and decided that this year's summer game was pretty good...WHO ARE WE KIDDING, THIS YEAR'S SUMMER GAME WAS STUPENDOUSLY TREMENDOUSLY IN-NO-WAY-HORRENDOUSLY AMAZING!!!

SO WHAT NOW?! We know you've been asking yourselves that question since midnight on September 1. You now have to begin the annual journey of self-discovery wherein you try to remember who you are without the summer game. We're doing the same thing...sort of. Or...WE'RE ALREADY TALKING ABOUT SUMMER GAME 2018 AND HOW TO MAKE IT EVEN MORE AMAZINGLY AWESOMER THAN THIS YEAR WAS!!! You've probably seen some vague hints in the comments that some changes are coming to summer game along with the NEW LIBRARY WEBSITE in 2018. It's a little early to reveal to you what those changes will be (mostly because we haven't really figured them out ourselves), but we can tell you for sure that YOUR SUMMER GAME WILL KEEP BEING YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT SUMMER!

How can we be so sure that the game will stay AMAZING? How do we know that any changes we make will be able to maintain the HIGH LEVELS OF AWESOME to which you've become accustomed? How could a changed game still be guaranteed to be INCREDIBLE?? Because we're ABSOLUTELY SURE that the GREATEST thing about Summer Game will never change, and that's YOU! We are constantly ASTOUNDED by you players and we're sure no matter what we do, you will still make the Summer Game GREAT! THANKS FOR MAKING THE SUMMER GAME A FUN THING TO MAKE EVERY YEAR!! AND THANKS FOR PLAYING!!!


I hope the changes to the Summer Game for 2018 will *only* be improvements -- but the SG is already fantastic as it is!! Please keep it fun and don't change it too much...

This was our first playing and we couldn't believe the thought and involvement that went into this. What a wonderful way to encourage kids to keep reading and enjoying the library in the summer. Thank you to all the staff that played a part in this clever and creative summer game. We loved it!

I TRUST and BELIEVE that YOU the game makers will only add more AWESOMENESS next summer, and I can't wait to PLAY summer game 2018!!! Much love and gratitude!!


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