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The Sky Is Yours

Wed, 03/14/2018 - 11:48am by Lucy S

The Sky is YoursI was delightedly surprised by The Sky is Yours. Chandler Klang Smith is a first-rate writer with a vast and colorful imagination who has created a work that is speculative fiction as much as it is a strong social satire, a romance, and a dystopian fantasy.

Most of the action takes place on Empire Island, Smith’s fusion of a world, where dragons circle above wastelands and cities filled with “futuristic” technology that has “crept inside the human form and become inseparable from it, ghost hearts beating in human chests, baby skin growing on old bones.” Countering this is the seedy underbelly of a scorched land inhabited by crime lords, drug lords, and burning buildings, the “backstage in a vaudeville house at the end of the world.” And though they are a constant presence in the sky above, it is not only the dragons that have laid waste to these cities, but their inhabitants themselves.

Be prepared for a wild ride through Smith’s dazzling genre mash-up with an infantile reality tv star; his fiance, a spoiled, self-loathing heiress; and his recently discovered girlfriend, a wild, landfill-residing orphan. The Sky is Yours is entertaining, shrewd, and impossible to put down.

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