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Migrant - by José Manuel Mateo -

Wed, 04/04/2018 - 10:29am by -alex-

Picture of the book cover, showing a drawing of dozens of people jumping onto a moving train.

Drawing inspiration from ancient Aztec art, Migrant puts a human face on illegal immigration by telling the story of a family's journey from a small village to Los Angeles. Seen through the eyes of a young child, the story follows the child, his or her sister, and their mother as they struggle with economic dislocation, shattered family bonds, and an ambiguous, uncertain future.

The format of this book is extraordinary.  The action plays out in one one long, continuous illustration, which unfolds like an accordion.  Text runs along the left - in English on one side, and Spanish on the reverse.  The imagery is brooding, intricate, and deeply moving.  While the material is definitely heavy, the story is beautifully told.  Migrant will be equally engaging for children and adults.  Follow the link for a review via Hyperallergic.   You'll find Migrant in our youth picture book section.


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