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What's in this week's CLASSIC SHOP DROP?

Mon, 08/06/2018 - 8:35pm by eli

Things might be sleepy in College towns in August, but the Summer Game Shop DON'T STOP! This Friday at 7 PM, we've got 4 more items for your weekly CLASSIC SHOP DROP, and they're all things for, uh, well, it's a bit of a reach, so let's say FOR THE HOME. Yes. Because these are all things that you will probably keep. In your home. Where you live. Yes. BUT WHAT THINGS? Well, we've got our final stock of the classic 2011 White Water Bottle, plus a generous quantity of the infamous purple bucket with frisbee lid! You know, just like you'd find at a home... goods... store... place... experience? Ah well. It looked so good on paper. We'll also have one of our very favorite library items, the LIBRARY PENNANT! And rounding things out, if you like cut not just the cheese, but the WHOLE PIZZA, the AADL pizza wheel will find a place in your drawer where you keep such things!

So, come back at 7 PM Friday for these new items, plus potential markdowns on items yet unsold! See you then, and THANKS FOR PLAYING!


Hi there, we have just a handful of these and don't have them scheduled for a classic shop drop this summer.... but they're still there, waiting. =) Also it's likely a large cooler will be an SG 2019 prize. Stay tuned, and thanks for playing!

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