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Classic Shop Drop #3: Go HOME!

Fri, 08/10/2018 - 7:00pm by eli

It's Friday Night, who's ready to DROP SOME CLASSIC SHOP ITEMS? Well, as it happens, we are. So here's Classic Shop Drop #3, filled with things for you to use at HOME:


Water BottleLibrary pennantPizza WheelBucket with Frisbee Lid

Plus, you hardcore SUMMER GAME SHOPPERS will notice the MARKDOWNS keep on coming! Most of these items are final stock, so once they're gone, they're gone! Come back next Friday for another Classic Shop Drop... plus stay tuned to Summer Game early next week. We've got some ENTIRELY NEW ways to earn points coming imminently... and as always, THANKS FOR PLAYING!


Someone please help! I said this before a lot, but when I checkout it says that my classic points are negative. I never used more points than I have and I don’t know what happened and how to fix it. Please help me!

I tried earning more points, but that still didn’t change it. Please help! I never spent more than I had, so is it a glitch? If so, how can I stop it? I’m really scared that it’ll start charging me money or something with the new real money shop. Please help me!

So sorry if this is bothering you, I just wanted to know what’s happening and how I can solve it. I’m just scared it’ll charge me money because of it, since I never spent more than I had. Thank you!

Hi there, no worries, you can't get charged real money for negative points. The Real Money Shop is totally separate and it's just like any other web shopping. It looks like you've got a positive balance now. Just use the contact us form in the future, as that goes right to staff and you don't have to post publicly. Thanks for playing!

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