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What's in this week's CLASSIC SHOP DROP?

Tue, 08/21/2018 - 9:45am by eli

Only TWO Classic Shop Drops left to go this summer, leading up to the end of Summer Game on 8/31, and the closing of the 2018 SG Shop on 9/9! It's tragic, we know. BUT TIME MARCHES ON. And stay tuned, you Summer Game Addicts, we've got some stuff cooking to keep you warm all winter. BUT FOR NOW, you're surely wondering what's on tap for this Friday's CLASSIC SHOP DROP at 7 PM SHARP! Well, this week we've got 4 sorta gadgety things for you. Starting with the VASTLY UNAPPRECIATED Fuzzy Felt Tablet Sleeve, and the MOSTLY UNDERWHELMING Brick Bank, we'll also have a good supply of the TOTALLY WONDERFUL Logo Projector Flashlight. But the COUPE DE GRAZI of this week's CSD is in very limited quantity, and will be priced to match... it's the mysterious, and intensely enigmatic AADL SPHERE OF ANSWERS! Yes, it's the only SG product we've ever offered that actually helps you make decisions, unless you're in the habit of asking your messenger bag YES or NO questions. 

Stay tuned for that, and FINISH STRONG... the MASTER BADGE DROP isn't far off now, so make sure your BADGE PAGE is COMPLETE! And as always... THANKS FOR PLAYING!


great, my computer sez I have 10000 points but when I buy stuff It sez I only have 2000 >:(

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