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What's in the final CLASSIC SHOP DROP?

Mon, 08/27/2018 - 6:15pm by eli

Summer Game is ROARING to a close, and with it, the MASTER BADGE DROP and the final CLASSIC SHOP DROP of 2018! Because this Classic Shop Drop will actually happen DURING this friday's Star-Studded GAME OVER GALA, we've got a lot of quantity of most of these items. So come back at 7 PM SHARP Friday for Window Clings, Field Notes, and NEARLY USELESS LOGS, plus limited quantities of AADL Sharpies. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! The Dungeon Dwellers have sent word that they have found a few more of our COMPLETELY USED STORIES TO GO BAGS hiding in the Prize Vault, so we'll be dropping those this Friday too!  So if you missed out on those HIGHLY STURDY but DEFINITELY DISGUSTING Canvas Zipper bags, have your points at the ready come Friday Night! See you at the Gala... and THANKS FOR PLAYING!


Window clings were cool. I put one of mine on my window but then I moved so I took it off..and now it is missing....I hope you make window clings and stickers and other fun items like that for decorating our own items next year!

Master badge drops are when a bunch of "master XX" badges arrive to give a special meta-badge for those who completed all the smaller badges. For example, you have individual badges for visiting each of the library badges; there might be a master badge for visiting them all.

Another note: it was extremely difficult to find out how to check the status of an order. The directions in the email did not help at all. My son was eager to collect his order but I had no idea if it was even there -- and seemingly no way to check, except the lack of any delivery notice on my phone or email about it. What I ended up doing was, when I placed an order, altering the URL to match the order information. Last year it was a snap to obtain this information. Not sure what happened with the new site.

(I should say that I realized later that there was a link in the middle of the order email, but, unlike last year, I couldn't find it under my account, which is how the email said was how to manage my order online.)

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