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The Graveyard Key

This key unlocks a treasure-filled Quest hidden on the Badge page! But first you'll have to find the Key—and the Gate it unlocks!—hidden inside different items in the AADL Catalog.  

To begin playing, use the riddle (and the web!) to figure out which item in the AADL Catalog hides The Graveyard Key!

Two boys go walking through the forest on a hallowed day.
A froggy sings.
A lantern swings
To light the wooded way.

A Beast lurks out in the Unknown just waiting for his turn,
So don't despair.
Be wise. Beware!
Or you'll be fuel to burn.

When you've figured out which item this riddle is about, search for it in the catalog to find The Graveyard Key and a clue to crack your first game code!

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My interpretation: figure out what book is being referenced in the riddle. Search for the book. If it's correct, there will be a key somewhere on the record page - click on the key to get another clue.

Unfortunately, I have no idea what book/story/movie/etc is referenced in the riddle. Searches based on some of the words in the riddle get me nowhere. This is what I get for being culturally illiterate...

Maybe 1 of the 7 who have solved it will come back and give some tips or clues!

Update: I managed to stumble on the first one. There is no image of a key in the record though - you have to read the whole thing to see that you've found it. But then there's another riddle to solve...

Ugh! Stuck on the last code. Counted and counted again but can't get it right.
Anyone have any hints.

OMG thank you. The URL never occurred to me, and I guess I didn't play the badge from the 2018 game you're talking about.

Let me pass on another hint: when it says start with the first letter, that's the first letter that's counted (vs. starting from there and counting ahead 1 space to find your first letter).

I found the first item but can't make heads or tails of the limerick there that's supposed to point me to the code. Help, anyone?

Stuck on 2nd code. Found the character's name, but not sure what fake and short are referring to. 1st name gives 23919 results. 2nd gives 23919. together gives 523. How can I narrow it down? thanks

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