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Like the child you mistake me as, you use the words "Pinky promise" as a way to lock me into your words, trap me in your feelings and convince me that you really mean business, "I promise" it seems as if I was the ship in your waters. I was ready to ride and rely on you to keep me afloat. Your words were seagulls flying above me, making my anxiety a storm cloud that was been following me since the beginning. I told to go away because those seagulls were so beautiful and were the only thing left in the sky leaving me reasons why I should put my trust into you.I allowed you to swift me away on your waters and go with the flow...Probably the dumbest thing I could have ever done. One night, you turned into a tsunami, your friends as the pulls of the moon, you took me under..Off guard & Unprepared with no where left to go other than where I end up. Now what? "I pinky promise I won't hurt you" "I pinky promise we will be strong". your words were so beautifully arranged..Almost as if they were practiced.Used before. But I pinky promised not to ever turn on you no matter what. So what am I to do now. I'm stuck alone, in water which seemed so perfect and peaceful at one point.The tides you pull are full of anger that shift me in different directions while the rocks underneath hit my ankles. Forcing me to give up. No shore in sight, you were my ally . Looking in my pockets for something to help. All I could find was a letter you once wrote me..."I pinky promise"

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