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The  hourglass

By Dakota Sparks


Authors note

Hi my name is Dakota Sparks. I am a 7th grader in the class of 2024 . I had the idea of  making this book because of a project in ELA class. We needed to write a book about a made up character and make a five poem book, but I took it to the next level by making it 21 poems long. I got the idea of the Ruby character because I thought of  her last one night. I didn't base her off of a story I had or how I was “bullied” in school because I don't what to talk about how I am in school I just want to have people hear a sad story but have a happy ending even though happy ending don't happen that often.

Happy reading,

Dakota Sparks  


I am a newbie

September /1/2018

HI            I'm                  RUBY

I am a  NEWBIE


But                                                                                                                                     there is  Beauty



Ruby Johnson

The first day of school

september /1/2018

The first day of school

I was scared to talk


First period  ELA

I came and walked


Everyone said their name

I just stared at the clock


I said R...R...Ruby

I was shocked


Everyone said Ruby

And they mocked


Ruby Johnson



September/ 7/2018

I got my Lunch

And tried to find a place to Munch

And then Crunch

I  step on Ranch  

I found a Bench

But before I could sit a girl who knew French

Called me over to sit on  a Branch

We talked a lot about having  Brunch

My best friends name is  Nestlé Crunch


Ruby Johnson

Hi I am Nestlé Crunch


!!!!!Hello, my name is Nestlé Crunch!!!!!!

My great grandfather was Nestlé Crunch

My favorite   chocolate is  the Crunch bar

My favorite texture is Crunchy!!!!

My favorite color is Green

All about me

I have red hair

I know how to speak french

I love trees and I hope they love me too

I am 13 and in all of the same classes as Ruby

I love watching the sand go down a hourglass so much

Also I would like to know a lot more about Ruby  Johnson


Nestlé Crunch


The hangout


Nestlé and I had a                                                     hangout

We had a lot of fun in our                                          hangout

We  played twister  in our                                          hangout

We ate ice cream in her room during our                         hangout   

We listened to Taylor Swift during our                  hangout   


                                     Ruby Johnson

Nestlé  Crunch                     


The Crash





Sad hh


I didn’t want to see what my mind was showing me

I couldn’t

We were the best of friends

And they did this to us.

I hope for the best of


Ruby Johnson  



November/ 30/2018

I was in the hospital                           waiting

I was in the ER                                 waiting

I was in  room 154A                        waiting

I was in the chair                               waiting

I was                                                 waiting


Waiting for something




Ruby Johnson





My teacher said that having a Diary  Is a good Idea

I like writing in my Diary because I can write anything in here and no one will read this I can have friends write in here too, I like you



Ruby Johnson


The hourglass Ruby Johnson


The last hangout with Nestlé

We ate sushi

We painted our nails

We played with slime

And she gave me a hourglass

She said ,“I got you a hourglass so you can always remember me”

When I feel sad

I hold it and watch

When I think for her I hold it and watch

The hourglass

The hourglass


5 days


It had been 5 days since the car crash

It has been 5 days since  the last hangout

It has been 5 days seen the last text

It has been 5 days of telling teachers that she is not here

It has been 5 days of going to the hospital everyday after school

It has been 5 days but it feels like a year to ME

Ruby Johnson


Her Big Secret


I never told anyone about Nestlé

I  just couldn’t tell

Everyone thinks she is on vacation

But she is not in the Bahamas

The only people that know is

Almost no one knows,

Her parents and I

I cry everyday

I will never tell a soul

About her  

Ruby Johnson




It is me Emma Jones

So I took this dumb diary of yours and read everything. I have three things to said


  1. You write a lot of stuff I can use on you and I will

  2. And I can’t believe you had a crush on my Crush  

  3. I will tell everyone about Nestlé’s BIG secret


Ok bye and remember I will use everything against you

Emma Jones  




Emma Jones                took my diary


Emma Jones                 read my diary


Emma Jones                 gave back my diary


Emma Jones              told everyone everything


Ruby Johnson


Lunch time



Everytime  I go to lunch I wish it was

Summer time because I don't like school anymore they  throw trash at me ,at least it is almost Christmas time because I  never did a crime I can see the snow falling with the sunshine in the background. But I don't feel that Merry. All I can think about in Nestlé I hope in time Nestlé will be better.


Ruby Johnson


I am going to… by Ruby Johnson


I am going to write a speech about how kind Nestlé was

am going to write a speech about how kind Nestlé was

going to write a speech about how kind Nestlé was

To write a speech about how kind Nestlé was

write a speech about how kind Nestlé was

a speech about how kind Nestlé was

speech about how kind Nestlé was

about how kind Nestlé was

how kind Nestlé was

kind Nestlé was

Nestlé was


Nestlé was

kind Nestlé was

how kind Nestlé was

about how kind Nestlé was  

speech about how kind Nestlé was

a speech about how kind Nestlé was

write a speech about how kind Nestlé was

To write a speech about how kind Nestlé was

going to write a speech about how kind Nestlé was

am going to write a speech about how kind Nestlé was

I am going to write a speech about how kind Nestlé was

The big day


Today is the day

Before christmas break

Today is the day

I am saying the speech

Today is the day

And I can do this (I think)


Ruby Johnson



December /21/2018

As I sat down to eat my lunch Ruby Johnson started taping on the mic. She gave a loud  Thumb with indicated to all, that she that something to said. (Probably about Nestlé)The room fell silent Ruby cleared her throat. A few distant voices were hushed by other students then Ruby began to speak. And after the speech i was wowed!

Emma Jones

Ps. sorry I Stole your journal again I just love reading it's because it makes me feel better about myself.  




As everyone sat down to eat  lunch I taped on the mic


With a loud trio of thumbs it indicated to me and everyone else that the sound system was operational


The room fell silent and I meekly cleared my throat . I was so scared I froze. Then I looked at my hourglass and I knew I had to say this. I knew that if I didn’t no one would.  As a few voices were hushed by other students I thought of all of the memories of her and began to speak.


“ I have come to talk about a matter that is close to all of are hearts. We are all aware of the tragedy that beset are feo classmate,  Nestlé Crunch.. She got in a car wreck. She was my best friend ,and care about everyone. She never hurt a soul.,  I compel you to remember all of the good memories that we all have of her. Please, and I am asking you all to remember how kind she was and look up to her.And with these endeavors is in full bloom, we can give back to are classmate that is currently in need who has given so much to all of us”


As I continued my speech the movituding within the student body was almost tangible .


I asked my feo classmates to stand with me. Almost in unison the lunch room was filled with standing students.    

 Ruby Johnson



Room 154A


I went  to the hospital  and found the waiting room and nestlé’s room was full of people. More than half the school was their and many more we're coming.I was concerned at first but then I realized what was happening my speech work people came to see Nestlé and  They didn't care that I didn't tell them right away they cared about how Nestlé was feeling. I was so happy. People saw me and moved so I could see her. I walked in her room and it was full of flowers,card, and little gifts. I looked at Nestlé and she…





“Oh my gosh Nestlé your moving” I said

“Oh my gosh I will get the nurse stay with her Ruby” Emma Said

“It is a christmas break miracle” said Sean

Twas the last day of school before christmas break,everyone gathered in the hospital room and NESTLE woke up. Sang Anna,Alex, Abby,and Andy.

And Everyone Cheered


Soon the nurse came and Nestlé woke up.Everything was right. Everyone was full of joy  

Everything was great

Everything was Awesome

Everything and Everyone was



Ruby Johnson

Emma  jones

Nestlé Crunch


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