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I don’t dare look over my shoulder.

Running and running and running, my bare feet slapping against the sandy rocks.

I see the cliff ahead, but I don’t stop.


I reach the very edge, and I pause for a moment to watch the crumbling earth.

The ground continues to collapse under my feet, slowly eating away at the tannish stones.


Suddenly, the ground pauses its crumbling, as though waiting for me to decide.

Darkness grins eerily up at me, as if welcoming me to join him.

I look up to the moon for guidance, but she only looks sadly down at me.

I stumble backwards from the awkward position on the tip.


I already feel the terrible pain, but I do not stop.

It twists my stomach, tears my heart, tortures me close to tears, but I do not stop.

The air thickens as if I am swimming in mud, emptying my lungs but,

I do not stop.


My legs aching, I collapse to the ground.

Crawling, taking small sips of air just enough to sustain myself, because

Even breathing is difficult for me now.

Just a little farther, I tell myself.


I see a small light ahead, and I reach my arm out.

I am so close.

As though only a thin curtain separated me from freedom.

All I need is to open it, and I know I am only inches away, but it feels so far.


Everything is telling me to give up, but something forces me to keep going.

I stretch out my fingers, longing for freedom.

Inch by inch, I make my way through the curtain.

Behind it is a familiar arrangement of sandy rocks.


However, this time, the path doesn’t end.

The sun smiles down at me, comforting me with her bright rays.

I stand, feeling the warm stones beneath my feet.

I walk along my path, without a single pebble crumbling below.

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