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Everything was gone

Houses, schools, hospitals, and churches

And most importantly, people


Taishi and I were walking home from school…

Not knowing anything about our future

We were really excited about playing Hanetsuki


Then suddenly, on a clear sky of Hiroshima,

A plane appeared, the USA army plane

It was getting closer and closer...

But nobody ever thought it was carrying a Kaku bakudan

A Japanese word for Nuclear bomb


Chōdo hikōki...

That was what Taishi said

Which meant, ‘Just an airplane...’

It was also the last phrase I heard from him


Everything seemed fine until...

The bottom door of the plane opened,

And a gigantic bomb dropped out


Each second, the bomb was getting bigger

Which meant it was getting closer to Hiroshima

Which also meant we were getting closer to death


People started screaming

But I was different

I just closed my eyes and ears

I didn’t see anything or heard anything


I never knew how much time has passed,

But the next time I opened my eyes,

I was flying towards the opened gate above the clouds

To the place where I will be united with my family