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My sister is an untuned violin,

Singing in a different tone than

the rest of us,

Screeching loudly,

Yet to all who have the right ear

and those who are familiar with what the violin can do,

They know that it has the potential to

Finally pull through and give a show worthy of Beethoven


My sister is a dolphin,

Hiding within the murky water,

Scared to see what's distorted above her,

Though she doesn't know what to do,

If given the push she needs,

She will finally be able to

break from the surface of the water


My sister is a hurricane,

Pulling through the coast,

Spinning, spiraling,

Twirling through houses and yards,

Running through everything and everyone,

Though after a time of rampage and havoc,

You will be able to finally see the eye of the storm

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