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Why can’t the world see what I see?

Why can’t the world just agree?

Agree that I want something that is becoming rare

Agree that I want to see something everywhere

I want to see more happiness for our lovely earth;

To fulfill a legacy we all had since birth

I want to spread peace and joy towards others;

Peace and joy for our fathers and mothers

I want to see acceptance towards everyone around us;

Accepting for who we are on the inside, expressing ourselves without creating a fuss

I want to see respect no matter how different we are;

Everyone with different ethnicities, races, and personalities will go far

Half of the world agrees what I see;

A part of it just wouldn’t agree

I ask, “Why?”,

“Why don’t they just agree?”,

But not everything is perfect, you see

That part of the world sees violence in every part;

People getting hurt physically and in their own heart

A part sees unfairness in the world;

Jobs and treatments that aren’t friendly to every boy and girl

A part sees prejudice towards everyone;

Assuming someone is something else because of who they are, it's not fun

A part sees racism, something that is incredibly real;

Just because of where we are all from, causes hate for others to feel

This is something I don’t like to see

Not everything is perfect, this is reality

I have to stop being inside this small fantasy

The fantasy that our own world sees what I see

Maybe, someday, there’ll be happiness everywhere

Maybe, someday, the gift of happiness won’t be rare

Maybe, someday, others will spread peace and joy

To every woman, man, girl and boy

Maybe, someday, the world would see what I see

Maybe, someday, the world would hopefully, just hopefully


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