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Years I lived alone on my island

With my beautiful children of the sea and land.

I birthed their green hands and their maroon bodies,

Their eyes of blue and legs of sand.


Years I escaped from the beasts,

Their towers of smoke, their calloused hands

That harmed our blue eyes and legs of sand,

So we fled to the last island that could withstand.


We live in peace, my children and I

On this lonely island we can be safe.

Yet worries still burden me, memories still haunt me

To these balls and chains I am forever a slave.


Years pass, as I grow older and older

My children create life of their own to shoulder.

Grandma to fish and squirrels and crows,

My nightmares slowly erode.


Then, thunder shook our lonely island

And it did not come from the sky.

They found us, they found us, and they are going to take them.

They are going to take my beautiful children,

And I could do nothing but stand by.


The thunder crushed my children of green,

Boiled and consumed those of the sea,

Choked my grandchildren with their poisonous steam,

Adulterated our bodies with filth obscene.


My beautiful children of the sea and land

Were gone, and that is how my death came to be.


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