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Stars bring a smile to some

Night brings a fear to others

The moon brings sorrow to my kind

Her silken dress tickles the stars

Her addictive radiance jetés across the clouds

Her beauty is my curse

A curse of lonesome death

I am a werewolf

I am alone


Cool night air

Blowing a fare of curses

Grass shrinks beneath my paws

Cowering to the beast above

A lonely silhouette

A sunken heart

Hope yet lost

I am a werewolf

I am alone


Pine corners my shape

Nowhere to hide from its prying eyes

The bittersweet taste

Sour on my tongue

Pepper to my nose

A wail of desperation

Nobody to listen

I am a werewolf

I am alone


The moon’s laughter rings in my ears

The pine’s cage closes tighter

My howls cartwheel over heads

My tears are snatched by the Earth

My prints are drowned by the rain

Rain that washes my life with a blue glass

There is no escape

I am a werewolf

I am alone

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