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Let’s not fall in love
We don’t know each other very well
I’m apprehensive, confused
Bewitched under your spell
But I’m also not.
Betrayal, falling-out, fickle desire
Don’t wanna be just an afterthought

Let’s not make promises
Don’t confess
Just stay put
I can’t give you an answer
At least not yet
Weary hearts, goodbyes
Unprepared for what comes after

We’ve all had little crushes
Am I just one of those?
Guys come and go
With the blink of an eye, they dissipate
Don’t bait me with empty words
Let me tell it to you straight

Do you only like my body?
The last one was, you see
Only calling me beautiful
When tops hugged my chest
Skirts accentuated my legs best
Are you like that too, just like the rest?
Don’t raise my hopes
I’m not another conquest

If I get attached to you
I don’t know what I’ll do
I’m enticed as it is
I’m afraid that endearing smile
Will turn into tears
The familiar laughter
Into insecure fears
Don’t try to trap us in the word

At first, it will be thrilling,
The clumsy grasp of tentative hands
Inseparable hugs of warmth
The awkward first kiss
A little too far from the center of our lips

But in the end, there will be aching
Disagreement and misunderstanding
Empty spaces where the other used to be
The hollowness we feel and see
As the wind blows right through us

You also shouldn’t trust me
I’m selfish, you see
Confusing, Insecure
Who would love a girl like me?
For your sake
Let’s not

I get nervous
Will you change?
Will your eyes wander to prettier girls?
I really like you
So I’ll only fall harder for you
As time goes on

I like you
Don’t get me wrong
But I think not enough
Because if we were soulmates
Would I have to think this much?
You say you like me, maybe love me
But our bond won’t make me stronger
Would I become anew?
Would my love bring out the best in you?

Because that’s what love is
A relationship
To help each other grow
Overcome insecurities
Accept challenges unconditionally
I think I’ll save myself
Cherish the single life a little longer
So sorry, on second thought,

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