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You know, people have told me….

Climate change isn’t a threat to the environment.

Well tell that to hundreds of millions of Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese people who don’t dare to walk into the streets because they are afraid of the air they have breathed their whole lives but no longer can,

Tell that to the scientists who boldly declare that since our arrival as a species as an advanced civilisation, our beloved Earth has entered into the 6th mass extinction,

Tell that to the environmentalists who have to deal with the fact that a fifty thousand years ago, twelve species of animals go extinct every year, but now, a dozen species go extinct everyday.


You know, people have told me….

Money isn’t important, it doesn’t matter, we don’t need money.

Well tell that to the more than half a million people in our own country who live by the dollar begging for spare change just to not starve and stay alive,

Tell that to the 125 million Americans who get up to work 5 or 6 days a week, trading in their invaluable time for money, as they struggle to pay the bills,

In fact tell that to the homeless man who just won the lottery, he’ll say you’re disillusioned, money doesn’t matter to you because you don’t have any.


You know, people have told me….

I have to go to college, it’s the only way to have a stable financial future.

Well tell that to the doctor who spent four years in college, four years in medical school, and four years in training, because he was lured by the illusion that being a doctor would make him rich, only to leave his studies with half a million dollars in debt,

Tell that to Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, Christy Walton, and Bill Gates, who have net worths in the tens of billions, and either dropped out or never went to college,

Tell that to the thousands of college graduates each year, seeking a better future, when in fact they do not have a future, because they no longer can do what they love because all their money is spent on paying the bills and their looming debt.


You know, people have told me….

Don’t do that, you can’t make money off of that, just study so you can be a doctor, a lawyer!

Well tell that to the 30 year old grown adult man living in the basement of his mother’s house because he never felt he had anymore purpose,

Tell that to the lawyer or doctor who’s watching from a distance the singer or actor or artist he always wanted to but never got a chance to be,

Tell that to the mother who groomed her son to be something he she wanted, not what he wanted, as she reads the death note of her son who was driven to suicide by his own mother.

You know, people have told me….

Just do what everybody else does, fit in and work hard.

Well tell that to the kid who spent his whole life trying to fit in, only to leave High School looking for a job but being turned down each time because he was nothing special,

Tell that to Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and they’ll tell you fitting OUT is what made them rich,

Tell that to the 80 year old man laying on his deathbed, realizing he’ll be forgotten, he has no legacy, he is just another human being whose existence matters to noone.


You know, people have told me….


Stop! Why does it matter the the hell people have told you?

Why does it matter what they’re saying?

Why are you taking advice from people on how to be successful, how to make a lot of money, how to have a good life….

From people who are not successful, are broke and in debt, and live their miserable lives?

If you want to be successful, ask Bill Gates, ask Oprah Winfrey, ask someone actually successful, not your unemployed uncle living in the basement of your his mother’s house!

If you want to make a lot of money, ask Warren Buffet, ask Jeff Bezos, ask someone who actually makes a lot of money, not your mom’s friends who struggle to lay food on the table for their own children!

If you want to…. Oh you get the idea!

This is YOUR life, not the life those around you want you to have.

Because they will tell you what they do, and look where that has gotten them.

Financially illiterate, broke, in debt, ill-informed, divorced, miserable….

They are telling you to do what they have done, and look where it has gotten them.


You know, people have told you to be compliant, ordinary, conformed,

Because somehow that is going to get you to where you want to be.

Now ask yourself, is that who you really, deep down, want to be?....

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